INFLUENCE-HERS: Film and Foliage // Ashlee Wheelhouse, By Kian / by Kian West

Presenting a balanced representation of Newcastle has always been really important to us at Mirage. We don’t always hit the mark, but in 2018 we want to make sure that there is an added focus on local women doing incredible stuff. We are hunting down some of the biggest ‘influence-hers’ in our city – women crushing goals in whatever field they’re in. To kick the year off, I asked a few Boss Babes about what they’re doing.  

Name: Ashlee Wheelhouse

Role/Business: Florist/Stylist, Owner of Film and Foliage

Why do you do it? What drives you?

I’m obsessed with nature and creating with it. It’s constantly on my mind, and I get so distracted with ideas constantly. I love being part of a couple’s wedding day – my floral creations are in nearly every photo from that day, which is incredibly special. The lead-up to a wedding, planning everything and the trust my clients have in me means so much. The freedom to work for myself, create a lifestyle and a workday that I love, to travel for my job, explore new locations and overcome every new experience and challenge this little business comes up against.

The best advice you’ve ever been given?

To put out into the universe what you want to achieve – just saying it out loud can make such an impact and change the way you and others think.

Favourite place/space in Newcastle?

All of the beaches – you will usually find me at Dixon or Cliff. Most of the cafés  – especially Talulah, Equium, Suspension, Hubro and Momo. The beautiful forests – The Watagans and Glenrock are stunning.

What do you wish you learned earlier?

I wish I hadn’t been so scared to go out on my own for so long – ever since I quit my fulltime job and started my own business, I’ve been so much happier, had more time for friends and family, exercised more, eaten healthier, travelled more and earned more money.

Who inspires you?

Mother Nature.

When you aren’t working, what do you most love to do?

My favourite pastimes are swimming and eating, and if I’m not doing that, I’m hopefully going for a hiking adventure with my partner!

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