Idea Bombing Newcastle / by Kian West


Earlier this year, Idea Bombing Newcastle exploded on to the event calendar with their launch night. Given that the next event of Idea Bombing Newcastle has just been announced we thought it would be a good opportunity to share the happenings of the first event with all the lovely Mirage readers.

By Emily O'Sullivan bomb2

Idea Bombing Newcastle is a unique form of community engagement and networking. It is a series of events which seek to foster creative ideas and promote ways of turning those ideas into reality or 'closing the idea loop'. The nights are short and punchy, starting off with talks on the topic of the night followed by an opportunity for the audience to collaborate and provide their ideas on the topic and ultimately champion the resolution of the ideas where possible. Based on the model of Idea Bombing Sydney, we seek to bring a uniquely Novocastrian flavour to the creative exchange and hope to present themes that are relevant to what's happening in Newcastle today. The events include speakers who talk about the things that inspire them, things to inspire the attendees and things that are happening in Newcastle now. The inaugural event was centred around the question “How can we make Newcastle more creative?” bomb3

Our first speaker of the night, Ben Greaves, Co-founder of the Office of Student Architecture (OSA), set the scene for the role that students can play. He posed the question; what could be done with $100 to make your area more creative?

Ben Greaves was followed up by our second Ben for the night, Ben Mitchell. Ben Mitchell has a very impressive CV for creativity. Currently he is the President of the Roost Collective, a Renew Newcastle initiative who simply describe themselves as expanding opportunities for creative and professional development in Newcastle. He asserted that Newcastle had a vibrant creativity currently but that it’s just a matter of knowing where to look and making it more obvious through getting involved.

Luke Burrell, Creative Novocastrian Royalty, was next up. Luke has helped found a number of amazing initiatives around town and is currently in the process of setting up INNX, a workspace for the creative industries. His core message was to encourage us all to be desperate enough to get off your bum and embrace the freedom of ignorance to be creative without concern for the consequences.

The night was rounded out by Roderick Smith, Chairperson of Renew Newcastle, he provided an overview of the elements of creativity he has been involved and gave his thoughts on what is the creative economy. At the conclusion of the speakers, the audience was eager to get bombing and mingling (and no doubt drinking). The Idea Wall was soon awash with great ideas. It was an awesome opportunity for a variety of people to come together to contribute and contribute they did!

With the first event for Idea Bombing Newcastle being a success we are very excited to announce our next event. This time the theme of the night is “After Dark: How can we unlock Newcastle's night-time economy?

Newcastle has a turbulent history after dark with Novocastrians having an interesting relationship with night time activities. Idea Bombing Newcastle will call upon four speakers who have an active role in Newcastle’s night-time economy and shaping Newcastle after dark. Our expert speakers will explore social, cultural, physical and economic aspects of accessing Newcastle at night. We are hoping to get some really innovative ideas on the night and attract motivated people, happy to make them happen. Jump on facebook or Eventbrite to RSVP.bomb1



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