I went Overseas. / by Laura Kebby

I ended my weekend with a trip oversees. I’m all about a little adventure and chasing spontaneity and this weekend I did just that. After some crazy work days in the lead up, I put down the pen and quit chasing the deadline life and just had a really great time.

A little family housemate morning ritual with coffee at Good Brother, kicked the weekend off right. It was one of those kind of moments where you realise it’s been raining all week and you’re finally catching glimpses of blue sky and feeling the whole world just get that little bit brighter. But then I found myself struggling. I’d been so used to sitting glued behind a computer screen, hands on the keys, penning words and ideas but… here I was forcing myself to take a break and actually have a day off. But what does one actually do in their down time? I tried to think back and remember what I actually did when I had ample days off. Living the dream and toying with time no doubt.

I walked and found myself at the Lucky, and a slow drift into the afternoon seemed like a perfect way to sink a few hours. I read. And I had a wonderful conversation with a dear friend of mine over the phone. Because she, like me, also spends her days working ridiculously long hours and squeezing in time for life and other things. Spending time at home, as well, just being, was also something incredibly wonderful in itself.

My Sundays have also changed considerably. I used to sleep in, enjoy the comforts of my pillow until at least mid-morning, but after joining a team on the presumption that it would all be burgers, beer and kicking goals BUT… finally realising, to get to that stage it, like everything else, takes a lot of hard work. So, Sunday mornings are now for exercising. And thinking of as many Instagram hashtags as I possibly can. #blessed is of course my all-time favourite.

In amongst all of the excitement, I will admit I did manage to squeeze in just enough work to remind me that I am still constantly thinking creatively, and giving in just that little bit, was definitely worth it. Beaumont street Carnivale was calling my name. The sights, the sounds, the sense of community all brought a smile to my face. Spending time with my sister whilst she shot some footage for your favourite little zine was always a highlight of my weekend. But… apparently my Sundays are also reserved for something else. My little soiree into team spirit lead me oversees and back again on Sunday evening. How I hear you ask, it’s just not really possible or financially feasible to pull that off. Stockton. That’s how. This incredibly prone to sea-sickness individual jumped a ferry with her fellow team mates and decided to go for the pubs eye view of the world. After living in Newcastle for almost 21 years, I did think it strange that I’d never ever actually caught the ferry before, and seeing our town from that view, was a wonderful perspective. And quite surreal really. I felt my hectic world slow down, and even though I was focusing on not throwing up from sea sickness the entire time. The view was definitely worth it.

I am still very much in the process of trying new things, and establishing a proper foothold and where I fit in this strange microcosm of a town. But I hope I’m getting there slowly, and seeing things from afar, helped me to realise to just not get caught up in the small stuff. That life is for spontaneous adventures, and chasing an exciting life.