September / by Kian West

August saw an amazing event for Newcastle Music, the ‘Music Industry Forum’ at the Conservatorium. A massive turnout, it seems that an evolution of ideas around the state of the local scene is bound to occur. Here at the Hunter Music Production Collective we are really excited by the possibilities that may appear if the local community is capable of uniting to push creativity around to each other and export OUR local talent out to the Nation and abroad. Have you heard some of the amazing tunes that are coming out of Local Heroes? Not a week goes by that we aren’t shown some killer tunes from local musicians. And this is why we have come up with a solution to the need for a place for those local tunes to be heard by local ears. Word on the street is that, after the success of the last Music Industry Forum, MusicNSW is looking into a second event at the Conservatorium - so keep your ears to the ground! Starting on Thursday the 26th of September at The Cambridge Hotel, Hunter Music Production Collective have organised the first Underground music night: BING BANG BONG.

A celebration of local talent, the night will include sets from Ghost Drop, Teo and Rufeyo. Intent on becoming a monthly event, It will need your support to survive. 9-12 it is short, sharp, and sweet. A perfect way to remind you that the weekend is just a day away and that musical talent is all around us.

In October, as the days get longer and the sun shines brighter, the HMPC is looking to bring in national artists to hold workshops, as well as constructing some inspiration sessions where people can come in and talk shop with one another. Also, we are looking for expressions of interest in the possibility of an open session of ‘Show and tell’ for people to play what they have created and seek some critical feedback to develop their ideas.

At the end of the day, if you live in Newcastle and appreciate this fine city that we have, show a little love and support for the other humans that hang out here, and we will all get along much better.