How We Saw Midnight - The Edwards On New Years Eve / by Laura Kebby

Photo Credit @theedwardsbar

Photo Credit @theedwardsbar

New Years Eve is always one of those times where we seem to put a lot of pressure on ourselves. To either organise something incredible or be somewhere incredible or just make sure we are having a really incredible time. Luckily for us Novocastrians, there seems to be an increase in those package type deals, that ultimately take the worry and sense of pressure away from you and onto the (incredibly hardworking) venue staff. I spent this New Years Eve at the Edwards, and I thought I would pen a snap shot of what went down and how I rang in the midnight hour. 

    I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for a good drinks package, not that I would ever condone utilising alcohol as your main source of fun and in no way is it the be all and end all but… it does help. And with a top notch selection of craft beer included, I was pretty well content. I’ve said before I’m a pretty easy person to please, it really doesn't take much to put a smile on my face specially during the summer months. Things like great company, sweet live music, and feeling the sun go down. All of these things I got to experience in just the right amount upon arriving at the Edwards at around 7:00pm. After living such a fast paced life in 2016 all I really longed for, was to take a moment to take a breath, relax and as cliche as it sounds let the good vibes roll in. 

    It can be easy to get caught up in low expectations when you see that your New Years Eve will include a food package. Initially, thoughts of a few spring rolls and a party pie or two finding their way to my stomach filled my mind. But clearly, I was forgetting that it was not the local Bowlo where I was spending my last moments of 2016, but at the Edwards, and I was thoroughly impressed. Slow cooked burgers, gourmet sausage rolls, arancini balls and skewers a plenty were passed from table to table with, might I add, exceptional service to boot. I always like to acknowledge the hospo workers, spending their last few moments of 2016, making sure your last moments of 2016 were exceptional. The bar staff were awesome and the wait staff were friendly, welcoming and just down right charming. 

    As a lover of music, it was really great to see punters enjoying a variety of tunes in rather eclectic ways. The beauty of a silent disco is there is still ample space for conversation, and the people watching is EXCEPTIONAL. Seeing those switch from channel to channel, getting up and having a boogey with one happy reveller exclaiming “this is my jam!” (several times) or those preferring to enjoy the ambiance of the house music floating in the background whilst they were lost in deep conversation was honestly music to my ears.

    No matter where you go, things will always get just that little bit crazy after dark, and thanks to the DJ stylings of K-Rock the back room was transformed into this crazy, other worldly space, filled with tunes, fluorescent lights, killer visuals, bartenders in morph suits and a whole lot of glow in the dark paint. As the tunes got sweatier, so did those braving the dance floor. A mash of bodies glowing together, moving together, and just taking time to share space, or create space whichever way you would like to put it. For those who braved the midnight crowd we all rang in the year the way we probably all ended it. Over excited, a little messy, but having a flipping good time.