How do we change the conversation? / by Kian West

Earlier this week you might have noticed a few posts about the new Bike Station in Newcastle West by BYKKO. These fantastic Electric pedal-assist bikes are a Hub out the front of Rethink Financial Group and the trial will help them to provide valuable data as to the usage of the station and where it may improve in future spaces. 

While we have been distracted by this green energy solution to Newcastle's current transport issues, others have been complaining about the lack of parking available in our city. An article by mainstream print media company published an article including and interview with "Urth Energy director Richard Hermens says his business cannot afford to worry about Wickham's parking problems". 

Why are we having a discussion about the shrinking number of car spaces and not a conversation about how we can get more people that are travelling to the city to choose alternative forms of transport? Now I do completely understand that the current solution isn't really one, Newcastle is a creative hub with a University building being built in the centre of town, shouldn't the discourse be about what the new forms of transport should be. I'm not suggesting that we should get rid of cars, nor that Electric Bikes are the solution. I'm saying the solution lies in the middle of a variety of solutions working in harmony. Not everyone will ever be satisfied, but we can satisfy more people. Car pooling apps for workers to connect and save at the same time. Uber is increasingly an option in Newcastle. Car sharing. Maybe the people pedalling trikes on weekend evenings could pick up some more work in the mornings and afternoons couriering people from further out into town... I obviously don't have the solution, but publishing anything whinging without a solution only seems to add to an attitude of a city that feels they have the right (Nay, duty) to complain about everything and anything. 

I get it. I've worked and I've lived in town and I comprehend the difficulties of being in the city. I'm simply saying we need to work together and we need a discourse in this city that mirrors this, a solution based approach to the media and the problem. I'd be all for comments with creative ideas to solve the problem. What can we do to make Newcastle the most liveable city in the world?