Hot Six... With Chemtrails - By Laura Kebby / by Laura Kebby

Photo By: @soltookthis

Photo By: @soltookthis

You know I love a good in-depth interview, something with a whole lot of something something to sink your teeth into but... I’m trying something new. Because that’s what life is all about. Thursday night live is coming up real soon so I caught up with Conor from Chemtrails, one of the wonderful bands on the lineup, to have well… hot six.


Why do you like to play music?

It’s a good release I guess just from doing stuff. It’s always fun to do, I always enjoy writing songs and whatnot. It’s a great past time and I’ve met a lot of good people through it so it’s always a bonus and that’s what’s really pushed me to keep doing it.


What was the last thing to inspire you and why?

Oh… I don’t even know! That really stumps me. But maybe I guess seeing our friend’s bands in the past couple of weeks really blow up like Vacations who are also on No-Fi Records. That’s been awesome, it’s definitely encouraging to make us continue what we’ve been doing and what not.


What can we expect from your live performance?

   There’s only two of us so we have to kind of fill the sound out a bit with only guitar and drums. A fair amount of screaming as well I guess (laughs).


What is it about Newcastle that makes the creative environment so great?

The people definitely. There’s just a whole bunch of creative people in one area which is good. There are also a lot of venues that help us out and resources around that are also helpful. There’s always a bit of competition as well which is good, so you’re always striving to do your best.


Who is your favourite local band at the moment?

That’s a tough question… Probably music wise Dave, they are a local band and they are awesome. They are such good blokes as well. I just love watching them all the time, we went on a bit of a tour with them which was great. Another band, Introvert, they’re really good and they are starting to get deservingly noticed around Australia as well which is awesome.


What’s a word that you’d like to see Chemtrails live by in 2017?

Oh wow, that’s tough! Well this is really a side project to our other thing. We take this semi seriously but it’s all very organic and we don’t really think about the song writing all too much. We enjoy it so much. Maybe… Chill? Haha nah I’m not going to use that word… What’s the opposite of not serious…?


And there you have it kids! Make sure you catch Chemtrails this coming Thursday Night Live at the Cambridge Hotel and get ready for all the… loud loudness.