Locals doing stuff are what we are all about. We love it when people move to Newcastle because they find out how great this place is and straight away start doing stuff to make the city even more great. Matt Field is one of these people and when we heard what he had started, we needed to know more...

Matt, tell us a little bit about yourself…
Matt: I'm a Drummer, Papa of 2, Husband, Surfer, TV Presenter, New to Newcastle... Looking for friends. Own a clothing label with my wife, Love music. Love my van, Can’t grow a beard.

Are you a recent resident to Newcastle yeah? How are you finding it?
M: So far so good! I have travelled here with different bands over the past 10 years and always love spending time here. I’m inspired by a bunch of creatives who believe in their city and back themselves. I want to be part of that. I have little kids and I want them to feel part of that too. I want them to grow up feeling creatively supported by their city. That said, I’m still feeling completely fresh in this city…. If you asked me for directions to The Racecourse, it’d be 50/50 if you got there.

There is this new event you are putting on at Foghorn Brewhouse, what’s it all about?
M: Homebrew! A weekly open-mic style evening every Tuesday, where we get to know the artists and hear their craft. To cut a long story short, I host an online music show called Balcony Tv in Sydney. We have artists performing every week on the Balcony, many from Newcastle. I’ve always loved the Newcastle community spirit, not to mention the talent. I wanted to contribute to that, so decided to start something where all players and appreciators could hang out regularly, listen to music, share some beers and feel part of the growing creative scene. Thankfully Foghorn put up their hand and offered their space, which is perfect because their beer is super-tasty.

This is Matt

This is Matt

What attracts you to the Open Mic style of an event? 
M: First and foremost it’s the community. I’ve been a regular at a couple of open mics and the friendships last a lifetime. Players connect with other players. Performers return weekly to share what they’ve been working on that week. Appreciators come back week after week because they get to know the artists. And the range of performances makes for a great night out.

Who should come? 
M: Homebrew is open to everyone, performers and listeners alike. I loved meeting people at our first Homebrew who were there to catch up with friends and listen to new music between drinks. In our first week we had a pet supply sales rep jump on stage. He was just passing through town, noticed the sign and sung some of the most incredible blues music I’ve ever heard…. And we also had a 14-year-old perform Elvis classics on his Ukelele. We had new singers at the beginning of their music journey playing alongside very polished songwriters, everyone exchanging details, and feeling inspired. The best open mics are the ones that make you want to go back week after week and that’s what we’re trying to get going with Homebrew. It’s not about your ability or your style, just about being part of something local on a Tuesday night.

Any last words?  M:  Big Thanks to Newcastle Mirage for their support. Thanks also to Foghorn Brewhouse for offering up their space so we can put this on. They’ve also been kind enough to offer a couple of craft beers to anyone who plays, so it’s a win-win! I’d Love to see NM readers down there any Tuesday. Come and say hi … and if you feel like playing, the mic is open!


Feel like playing? Text Homebrew on 0414 444 052.