Hockey Dad at the Small Ballroom / by Ryan Williams

The first time I met Joab Eastley I was a skinny, stinky 21 year old. I was playing a gig in that back room of the Hamilton Station Hotel with my skinny, stinky 21 year old band Asteroids. Nobody was there to see us.

All images by Brooke Tunbridge (pictured) RAAVE TAPES

All images by Brooke Tunbridge (pictured) RAAVE TAPES

The band before us rolled their gear in. I have a very distinct memory of two gigantic pedalboards, gigantic amplifiers, a gigantic bass player who had to bend over to get through the doors and a very smiley kid playing a Gretsch White Falcon. The Isurava Fireflies played some songs and we played some songs. I know we played shit but they were pretty good.

That was 6 years ago now. Between then and now Joab hasn’t stopped doing more and more and getting bigger and bigger. It was his first gig for 2017 with new drummer and same tall bass player (what do they feed him?) supporting Hockey Dad at The Small Ballroom. He’s going to go forever I rekon. I love you Joab.

I think Hockey Dad are pretty crazy live. I missed Joab play but.

White blanks (above) Hockey Dad (below) - All images by Brooke Tunbridge