Having fun at School, Playground Sounds / by Kian West

Something regular readers of Mirage might not know about me, when I'm not writing for Mirage or managing others work, I also happen to be a DJ. It's a pretty cool job playing in some of Newcastle's biggest clubs with residencies at King Street Hotel, Argyle House and Greenroof Hotel, I consider myself pretty lucky to spend so much time doing things I love, even if I don't always love what I'm doing. 

One pretty amazing part to being a DJ is the weird and wonderful places you can sometimes get asked to play. This week this included playing at Callaghan College Wallsend as part of Playground Sounds event a Silent Disco. If you don't know what a silent disco is, people wear a set of headphones that have a three way switch connecting them to three different channels of music. On this particular day I was playing against Jaytee Hazard (you may have read about him in our November issue) and a rock playlist. Students (and teachers) in the headphones can choose between these channels and the goal of Playground Sounds is to "dance & exercise for 40-60 minutes while we track their movements & then at the end of the session they tap the wrist band on our movement pad to collect their results." (website)

It is pretty incredible watching a school full of students all dancing around and having fun, knowing that they are also doing something good for their bodies and minds. It's pretty impressive once you realise this idea came out of our own home town. 

If you have school aged children (or are a teacher) and the school isn't using them, it's worth a conversation about Playground Sounds. I was impressed by their professional setup and how smoothly the event proceeded. Top Work.

Check out the video from the school Mannequin challenge from the day.