Have Your Say on the Future of Newcastle / by Brooke Tunbridge

Image Source:  Visit Newcastle

Image Source: Visit Newcastle

Newcastle City Council is asking the community to get involved with their city. The survey asks for any alternative or additional strategies for the next 2030 Newcastle Plan. 

It's your chance to have a say in the future of Newcastle, and unlike leaving an angry comment on a Facebook post about how much you miss the train line, this is a productive way to give feedback to Newcastle City Council. Providing feedback on the draft strategies is an important process as it's a chance to bring up anything you think they may have missed, or show which issue you believe needs the most attention. 

The survey asks about seven themes:

  • integrated and accessible transport;
  • protected environment;
  • vibrant and active public places;
  • inclusive community;
  • livable built environment;
  • diverse and resilient economy; and
  • open and collaborative leadership.

There's also space at the end to leave any extra comments. 

Click here to fill out the survey and have your say on the future of Newcastle.