Have you taken a Soundbite... / by Kian West

Here at Mirage we made the declaration a while ago that Thursday was the new Friday. It's a great night to go out because things are still that little bit cheaper and because you have stuff on the next day you aren't so likely to go so hard, but then come Friday, because you've been out you are happy to have a quieter night.

This particular Thursday, last week, I stopped by The Edwards for a couple of beverages and to check out their night "Soundbite" a musical pairing to food. The idea is that an album is selected, a classic album, this time it was Dj Shadow's 'Entroducing' that marked 20 years this year. A phenomenal sample based piece of work that personally I'm a big fan of. Taking inspiration from this album, The Edwards came up with a stellar menu with 3 options, I went with the Tacos. 

At a certain point in the evening, DJ Perry Carter introduces the album, speaking briefly as to why it is selected and what makes it classic then the album is played in full on vinyl through some incredible speakers supplied by Audio Junction. 

If you are looking for something different, a nice relaxed evening out where you know the music will be both stellar and impeccable quality, I'd recommend visiting Soundbite!