Hashtag - Top 5 - August 2014 / by Kian West


Top 5 Tracks for August 2014


Hashtag-boys_greySecond chances don’t come around often in life and it’s not always the best idea to take up the offer however when the guys at The Mirage asked if we’d like to get involved again there was only one answer, yes. So…. First things first, a huge thank-you needs to go out to the guys at The Mirage for having us back, even if they do come to regret it. We would like to think we had some decent input in the last article but it’s probably a much better assumption to say that flattery will get you everywhere, either way we’re back and hopefully to stay. Being a little colder than usual of late, a fair amount of the tracks we have this month are quite mellow to tie in with the cozy nights we’ve had rugged up by the fire.

Coffee – Sylva Esso (Ms Mr Remix) The shivers and feel good vibes that were felt when we first heard the original of this track were sensational but the remix takes it to new levels. The build and layering right from the start of the MSMR remix of Coffee is beautiful, throw in a high end xylophone sound for good measure every now and then, a few melodic break downs and MSMR have brought it all together perfectly. A great way to start any day and if you get a moment check out the original’s film clip, fun times all round. Walk this Way – Lido Refix Wow, just wow! This tune is so simple yet very effective. Stripped down of almost everything but drums and vocals at points and a vocal hook that says it all “all my life I’ve stuck to the rhythm” this tune has rhythm and bass for days. The absolute final selling point for the tune is the last two minutes, the break down and subsequent drop could not work any better. All that she wants – Plastic Plates Remix All that she wants… All that we want is more Remixes from Plastic Plates! Renowned for his Nu-disco fueled re-licks of some great tracks, the efforts done on Ace of Base’s classic “All that She wants” are another well-earned notch on an already overflowing belt of remixes. No more description required, definitely give this one a listen or ten =) Strange Enough – Verite With an extremely cruisey start and some mesmerizing vocals reminiscent of Katy B and Imogen Heap, Strange Enough captured our attention on a number of levels right from the start. Some great synths and harmonic vocals get you straight into the song and it’s hard to get away once Verite captures you with that voice. While it starts out mellow Strange enough builds into an orchestral masterpiece that would sit well at any high-flying moment front and center at a festival and definitely has us waiting in eager anticipation to see what she releases next. Yes, this is her first release =) No More - Shlohmo & Jeremih If there is to be a 2014 retake of Romeo and Juliet, No More would fit perfectly into its soundtrack. It may sound weird to say but there is an extreme amount of conflict and contrast throughout the entire song. Opening with a grinding industrial sound it quickly evolves into a mish mash of synths, hi hats, low end goodness and layered with some heart felt vocals, on paper it sounds like there is now way in hell that could sound any good yet, somehow it not only works but brings the goose-bumps on in full force. Definitely saved the best for last with this one! And that concludes take two of our top 5 tracks for the month. Yours truly, Mr S.O. Gloin and the Hashtag lads