Hanging out with Hunter with special guest Josh Bailey / by Hunter Powell

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Josh Bailey has been a friend ever since I crashed his birthday party a few years back. When I first meet Josh he was kindly making fun of me for being the random guy eating all his food, we have been mates ever since. He is a tireless supporter of Local artists, he is the front man of Newcastle’s own The Owls, He is co-founder of Beach street festival and he is a host on Beach St Radio, a local podcast that covers all creative things that come out of our great city and the people behind them. In summary Josh Bailey is THE MAN as reluctantly as he is to admit it. Hopefully this interview gets up in time to tell you all you need to check out the Owls this Saturday night at the Cambridge Hotel. Well let’s get to it. Recently I asked Josh some questions and he was kind enough to give me some answers.

H: You are an Oasis fan?


J: Tragic for


H: Which Gallagher brother would you preferably want to get into a verbal argument with?


J: Liam


H: Which Gallagher brother would you prefer to get into a physical altercation with?


K: Liam


H: Is that because you think you would have a better chance at winning or would it just be a better experience?


J: I reckon he’d be a shit fighter. He’s already lost his front teeth from a previous fight


H: You are also a Ryan Adams fan. What do you think of his Taylor Swift covers?


J: I like his tunes but he’s a shit bloke. Yeah I thought it was pretty good


H: Do you think an artist being a good or bad person should affect how we perceive their creative output?


J: Some of the biggest assholes write really good songs so no.


H: What is the best part of being in a band?


J: It’s the gift that keeps on taking. I reckon creativity


H: You are a Physiotherapist. How do you tell someone that they maybe have nothing majorly wrong with them and that they might just be being a sook?


J: (laughs) It’s too expensive to see me man. No one fakes it. I can’t prescribe drugs so I reckon Doctors get it all the time


H: Have you ever felt like you wanted to get into politics?


J: Man I hate politics. I hate the far right and the far left. Moderates is where it’s all at and I don’t think that falls in any system we have here


H: Amen


J: Peace be with you


H: What is a song you wish you had written?


J: Crying by Roy Orbison


H: I have recently found an appreciation for cocktails, what is your favourite cocktail?


J: Long Island ice tea


H: Lastly, you are now a radio host, who is your favourite radio personalities?


J: Kyle and Jackie O….. Nar their pretty f@#*ked hey…(laughs)


H: That’s perfect. Thanks for chatting mate


J: Thanks man






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