GOVV, An Interview by Laura Kebby / by Laura Kebby

I’m going to try out something new with bands this year, almost like trying to gain just enough of a snippet into their cool lives to get readers like you excited about an act either myself or the other cool people at Newcastle Mirage have come across. Our collaboration with Love + Rent and the Cambridge Hotel has given me yet another cool influx of incredible local talent and (not that I needed one) an excuse to head out on another weeknight for Thursday Night Live. The February lineup includes a super new band called Govv, and here are five fun facts I found out after chatting to Mitch last week.

1.     The Thursday Night Live gig will be the very first time the band have played together live.

Although they’ve all collectively spent a whole bunch of time playing and making music as a part of other projects, this is the first time that Govv will take the stage to perform live. To me, that means that it’s definitely a performance not to be missed.

2. They have an EP coming out soon.

Despite the fact that they’re an incredibly new band, the trio have already been working on laying down some tracks. I’m all for a band who actively chooses to be on the front foot and it turns out Govv are no exception.

3. They sound like…

Let me start by saying ‘pretty bloody good’. I’m emphasising the Aussie slang because there’s definitely the ever-present twang that is so incredibly infectious. I’m really flipping psyched to see these guys live. 

4. Playing music is the best way to get out of those annoying tasks at school.

Going through some nostalgia, Mitch reflected on the reason why he started playing music in the first place. “QUOTE”. It may be a little unorthodox and perhaps not recommended for the kids playing at home, but my ears are thankful the boys decided to waste time wisely.

5. For Govv, crowd atmosphere is key.

‘I’d love to see some moshing going on, some crowd-surfing, definitely. I mean, it’s what it’s all about,’ Mitch told me over the phone from Bali just a few short weeks ago. It’s something that you never really think about as a punter either – how your reactions and enthusiasm will influence the band on stage.

So there you have it! Just a teeny-tiny insight into an incredibly new, but very good, up-and-coming band from Newcastle. Catch them this month for Thursday Night Live!