'Goon Love', the EP & making mockery an artform | Review & Interview w/ Enig-matic / by Hannah Stretton

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The modern world is a treasure trove full of weird and wonderful things, which includes this star in the making, Enig-matic (Maddison Camps) and her newest EP, 'Goon Love'. 

Having been releasing tracks from her bedroom since the age of sixteen and earning her-self some air-play on Triple J Unearthed, Enig-Matic has finally put her music to the ultimate test with releasing this debut EP. 

'Goon Love', in my opinion, is best described as a trip down the rabbit hole wearing beer goggles. It's a little weird, the experience is psychedelic af and you may get drunk on the total vibe. Overall, it's one hell of an experience and very reminiscent of RAGE at 5 in the morning (which if you haven't witnessed, you need to).

The tracks on 'Goon Love' take a good look at the 21st century and it's gravitational shift from traditional romance, behaviour and overall expectations. Enig-Matic with this EP, goes 'fuck it - let's be real, we're all on Tinder & getting drunk on goon' - which seriously isn't far off the truth for a lot of people.

The original Romeo & Juliet type of romance shown through love letters translates to Tinder & it's subsequent hook up culture trope in 'Swiping for Death' and 'Goon Love' is an admission of cheap drunken mischief, with no regrets or shame attached. It's music that makes fun of itself - so it's a bit of fun and I reckon people will really enjoy it. 

Nevertheless, the EP is an anthem for me. I have been and still am the very group of people I’m mocking.
— Enig-Matic

With the EP out now, for all to enjoy, I got to speak to the lady (Maddison) behind it all, her inspirations, the method behind the madness and how cool 'Goon Love' is. Plus, as a goon veteran, I approve this message wholeheartedly - for once I feel validated.

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Enig-Matic’ - that’s quite a name to go by, why did you choose to go by this stage name? I think it’s really cool, FYI.

In my angsty teenage years someone told me I was ‘strange and enigmatic’. I believe it was an insult but I decided it was a fair representation. Triple J Unearthed started playing my music back in 2011, so I found that I was stuck with the name. Rosie Beaton introduced me on air, 'Her name is Enig-matic, with a big fat hyphen in the middle, if you want to look her up’.

It may seem like a pretentious stage name but I’m merely taking the piss out of myself. I also like it because my Mum can’t pronounce it.

You’ve been writing music since you were 16 and now you’ve officially released your first studio EP, 'Goon Love', at 23 - how do you feel your music has changed over the years?

It hasn’t really. I’ve always spread myself across a range of genres from the beginning. As a result it’s difficult to tell what is new and what is old. I’d say my music evolves song to song. Depends how I’m feeling that day and how many beers I’ve had.

ALSO, you’re a self-taught multi-instrumentalist (which is super impressive) - what kind of spurred you to just go crazy and teach yourself how to play multiple instruments & get into music?

As a child I would bang on my Dad’s keyboards and pretend to play his guitar. I just got progressively better at pretending to do those things and picked up the basics of other instruments as I was producing music.

If I needed tracks to pull a song together I would just hop on an instrument and figure something out. For some people music is their blood. Almost like a disease. I am diseased with music.

Okay, well I think we could talk about your crazy talent for days - but let’s go back to 'Goon Love' - that is quite the EP title & one I love (I’m sure there is a story there). What was it like for you to ‘sit’ down and put this EP together?

Stop that, you’re too kind. I also have other talents, like eating a whole pizza in sweat-pants. That might not seem relevant yet, but I wrote and recorded this EP in that exact manner.


In bed, with a glass of red and a whole pizza by my side. I suppose most people think of a home studio as some kind of assigned room with perfectly arranged gear. Mine is merely a bed with some instruments atop and enough space to lay for a carb coma nap. I like to have fun with it.

'Goon Love' is very psychedelic and funky (a real trip down the rabbit hole) - have you always loved experimenting with music in this way? Where do you draw inspiration?

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. After playing my EP at a family gathering, my cousin’s pop said, ‘It’s like hitting your head against a brick wall’. It’s definitely my favourite review so far.

I’ve always loved to play with weird sounds and synths in music. I’m unaware of where my sound actually comes from. When I write I hardly ever have anything in mind or have intentions of what I want to sound like. I’ll just lay down a track and just keep building from there. Maybe I subconsciously incorporate whatever I’m listening to at the time. In that case I’m glad I don’t listen to Rebecca Black or something like that.

With 'Goon Love', you worked with ARIA award winning producer, Mitch Cairns - what was that like?

I was very lucky to work with such a tip top guy. Mitch is brilliant at being subtle but powerful. He brought out colour into my songs through effects, mixing and fine tuning. It’s the fancy technical shit that I have no idea how to do as a self taught music maker. I leave that to the pros. He turned my bedroom produced music into a crisp and polished work.

How would you describe the kind of message you were trying to convey with this EP? Or are you an artist that believes the message lies with the receiver?

Both songs involve social commentary on youth culture. 'Goon Love' mocks the archetypal teenage obsession with getting utterly ‘maggot’ and 'Swiping For Death' mocks ‘dating’ apps like Tinder, which are essentially a digital method to find one night stands.

Nevertheless, the EP is an anthem for me. I have been and still am the very group of people I’m mocking. Australian’s are good at making a mockery of themselves and I like that. Of course make of it as you wish though!

Speaking of messages, what do you hope people take away from 'Goon Love'?

It’s just a bit of fun. If you’re reminiscing about that time you drank goon until you barfed or you are about to, I have your back. If you’re crying over the person who ghosted you on Tinder or are doing the morning walk of shame, I have your back. If you think both those things are pretty ridiculous, I also have your back.

With this EP now out in the world, what is the next step for you? Where would you like to see yourself in the next 12 months?

Have you ever seen that interview where Molly Meldrum asks Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers if he’s relieved about an album release and instead of answering he starts slapping himself and freaky dancing?

That’s how I feel now I have finally produced a studio EP after all this time. I will continue to slap myself for a while then the next step is generating a live set and eventually an album. Thank you for liking my music.

Make sure you check out 'Goon Love' now on all digital music platforms & share with yo' friends.

Make sure you check out 'Goon Love' now on all digital music platforms & share with yo' friends.