GOALS – 2018 // NEWCASTLE MIRAGE / by Kian West

At the end of 2017 we sat down and started planning out what we hoped to achieve with Mirage a little more strategically. A few long-term goals, some five-year markers and, of course, what 2018 would need to look like in order to get there.

Probably our biggest goal for this year is:

1.     Double our distribution.

In 2017, we were distributing to just shy of 150 locations, but we also trimmed almost 50 locations at the end of the year that really weren’t fitting in with the rest. This means we are basically looking to double our location list this year. If you have any cool cafes or suitable location suggestions, please email info@newcastlemirage.com.

2.     Increase our regular contributors.

Mirage is nothing without the people that support it. Part of that is a community of writers and contributors that push our little zine to be better and more of a collaboration with the public. We are especially keen on Journalism and Communication students looking for experience while they complete studies at the University of Newcastle. Shoot us an email!

3.     Seek regular advertising relationships.

The unfortunate reality is that we don’t survive beyond five years without money. We’ve never gone out aggressively hunting advertising and have still been really fortunate. We’d love to continue that strategy. If you or someone you know has a business trying to build a customer base of people who live in Newcastle and probably love our city, please, introduce them to us!

We’re always on the lookout for new talent in this city. Photographers, videographers, artists, musicians, creatives, entrepreneurs starting new unique businesses, anyone thinking ‘outside the box’ or doing good for the city. We can’t cover everyone straight away, but it doesn’t go unnoticed.
Reach out in 2018 and tell us what you are planning to achieve!