Give Music This Year. Go on... All The Cool Kids Are Doing It. / by Laura Kebby

Image taken from Newcastle Mirage

Image taken from Newcastle Mirage

It’s getting close to the wire now, Christmas gift wise anyway. I know that Christmas is about so much more than gifts, but… if you’re stuck for some sort of last minute gift idea, you can grab the hottest tunes in town for only ten dollerydoos! If you need some more convincing, other than the fact that you’re going a long way to support local music then see below for a run down on some of the standout tracks. (Actually they are all standouts but… ya know).

Amos and Emily - Play Pretend

Tantalising electro-pop with some incredible lyrics rounding out the whole experience. Hot tip for young players too, Amos and Emily are doing a special one off show this THURSDAY at the Cambridge hotel.

The Bad Time Boys - Evil Hearted Man

It’s like this incredible fusion of old school blues and rock and roll with something I just can’t quite put my finger on. Maybe it’s the killer sound of that dirty guitar at about 2 minutes in that left me lying on the floor. 

Ceilings - Animals

This is honestly, my favourite track of the year. Fans of the Jezebels will just absolutely go ballistic over this (funny, they were the key local support for their recent show at the Cambridge). Ceilings have had a cracker year, after being played on Good Nights with Linda recently, and why? Because it’s an incredible tune.

Raave Tapes - Corridor

The Raave boys were an obvious pick, particularly with this track Corridor. That and I’m also certain that frontman Joab is an actual Angel. The kids kicked off This That festival this year and bloody killed it. If you haven’t seen them live yet… Do this immediately. And also ask Joab very nicely for a hug.

Rose and The Sea - Ships on Strings

I first saw Rose and the Sea at an open Mic night at the Hamilton Station hotel. I think I sat there with my jaw on the floor just blown away by the perfection of their harmonies. They break my heart in the best possible way, and both are also extremely passionate about live music. I care for them very much.

William Crighton - Jesus Blues

I was lucky enough to see William Crighton a couple of times this year, and each and every time the performance just got better and better. I love his voice, and his ability to relay a story is second to none. His debut album is also out now through ABC music. 

So where can you buy this sweet little mix of Tunes from? Hot diggity damn head to the Newcastle Mirage website and get yours TODAY!.

(There’s also other cool stuff like subscriptions to our little zine. It also goes directly to supporting the wonderful people who write the words every month. Ryan and Kian are awesome and they love what they do, hopefully you do too).