GIG OF THE WEEK: Jono Burgess Trio at The Ori / by Kian West

You may be already familiar with the legend that is Jono Burgess.
This Sunday jamming with some fine friends at The Oriental Hotel.

As the gig description on Facebook suggests "I know it says the Jono Burgess Trio but really this is just an excuse for me to jam with some of my best friends and make stuff up (also to give Jeremy to many solos and him pretend to be annoyed about it)
Jono Burgess - Bass
Jeremy Minett - Guitar
Thomas Dawson - Drums
Here is a little snapshot of our group into the organising of this gig

Jeremy: We going to have a hit over these tunes pre-gig or wha?
Thomas: Nah
Jono: Nice and loose

If this sounds like something you might enjoy, you can't miss this gig. I don't know what we're going to play so your in the same boat as us.