GIG OF THE WEEK: House Plant Revival: Spring Edition / by Kian West


 Saturday 3rd November - Sunday 4th November

Time: 8:00am - 3:00pm

Location: The Old Carrington Fruit Factory: 3 Cowper Street,

  • Free entry

  • 5000 plants including succulents, cacti, ferns & indoor plants.

  • Grab a coffee or snack from Hitop Espresso 

Click Image for Facebook Event

Click Image for Facebook Event

We all have one in our lives. The one we humorously tag in those plant memes on social media; that obsessed plant addict. Plant lady is the new cat lady they say, green is the new black...but it’s this growing tribe of plant lovers that has local micro nursery, Desert Sunday Collective madly preparing as they get ready to launch House Plant Revival – Spring Edition.

In April this year, the first ever House Plant Revival had the whole town talking, as thousands descended on the Edwards Bar to hunt down that perfect plant (or family of plants) to complete their urban jungle.

Desert Sunday Collective proprietor Amanda Marsh can’t wait to re-launch the House Plant Revival to Newcastle with the Spring Edition taking place over the first weekend in November.

“We know that what we are seeing on social media and at local markets is much more than the return of a 70’s and 80’s plant fad,” says Amanda. “Plants have become representative of a lifestyle, specifically in our millennial audience,” she said. “It’s about many things like self-care, zero waste, wellness and the fact that it’s comforting to come home to something that depends on you,” Amanda said.

House Plant Revival was born out of Amanda’s love for plant-based events, gathering people, creating spaces and the spirit of collaboration. “The Edwards Bar for us was a true community gathering place and a great example of small business doing collaboration well and when it burned down one of the first things I remember saying was that we wanted to keep that culture alive,” said Amanda. 

House Plant Revival – Spring Edition will be a celebration of the plant lifestyle with a huge range of over 5,000 plants alongside a partnership with other local small businesses and creatives showcasing their handmade and natural products and bold lifestyle pieces. “HPR will feature all the things we love in one warehouse and we are excited to have a number of friends joining us to make this event the biggest and most exciting yet,” said Amanda.

As our cities become more crowded and apartment living becomes the norm, the green-fingered army are turning to durable, air quality-improving and, yes, Insta-story-ready plants. “It’s definitely the designer plants that are popular and each room of the house has its own unique characteristics that will suit certain indoor plants,” she said.

Amanda says that the Plant Lifestyle Movement is about creating spaces which reflect personality, give meaning and promote creativity and that the upcoming House Plant Revival will include displays from five lifestyle partners.

Xander Holliday

Xander’s work is a must for any living space. We love his bold use of bright colour and will be showcasing his art with our collection of succulents, cacti and unusual plants.

Mustard Made

We love our deep green Mustard Made locker and they are a must for your office, workspace or creative corners. Mustard Made lockers will be found alongside those hanging designer plants you see in those creative spaces pics on insty.

Scrubba Body

We have decided plants in the bathroom are a must and often bathrooms are the best rooms for light and humidity, which many indoors love. Scrubba Body will be bringing all their natural wellness products, alongside those plants that just love watching you in the shower.

Wow Flowers

Our friends from Wow Flowers (also known as Worn Out Wares) create stunning floral arrangement and bouquets and their posies will be available alongside decorate and coloured foliage and hard to find plants.

Hitop Coffee

In honour of the house plant moments that have gone before us, our friends at Hitop Coffee will be bringing the beautiful Ethel (a unique Hi-top Volkswagen Kombi Campervan, born in 1969) along for the weekend. Coffee is a lifestyle of its own, but mix that with good company, cold drinks, great snacks and plants and we believe we are on a winner.

HPR Spring Edition will be held in the old Carrington Fruit Factory Warehouse in Cowper Street, which has been newly renovated by young entrepreneurs Jade and Wade who, following its use for House Plant Revival, plan to hire the space for events and photoshoots.