GIG OF THE WEEK: Banshee Presents: Morgana Osaki w/ guests + live art / by Kian West

Banshee Presents: Morgana Osaki w/ guests + live art at The Cambridge Hotel!

They tell it better than I ever could, so here are all the details for you!

Banshee is mixing the talents of local artists and musicians into the summer melting pot for this event at The Cambridge Hotel FEB 2ND. 

Morgana Osaki will be burrowed away for some time this year to sink their paws and teeth into new work. This may be the last time to catch their hypnotic harp sounds and beats for a while, which means that this gig is ✨SPECIAL✨

Hailing straight from the nation’s capital, Dalmacia are coming back to Newy to win any hearts they didn’t win the last time they were here (they won all the hearts). I can’t put it in any other words, they are fkn sick. 🔥 

Moonsign are a magnetic duo who will be delivering a glittery smorgasbord of sounds and poetic callings. Holly has one of their shirts and it has a beautiful big crystal on it. If it’s not enough to come for what will be an amazing set, at least come and see if you can source one of their amazing shirts. 🏄‍♀️

Milkmans Daughter Music a sparkly newish acoustic act, is like 1 litre of choccy milk being on sale at Woolies for $3 - NOT TO BE MISSED. 🥛🍩

ON TOP OF THIS we have projections by extraordinary local artists to create a visual and musical bonanza. Omg. 💥