Geography Of Mars / by Ryan Williams


...Or GOM for short. Geography of Mars are a Newcastle band with an impressive history thus far. This history includes attention from the one and only ‘Dave Ruby-Howe’ of Triple J fame. We caught up with the lads and asked them all sorts of stupid questions. Who’s in the band?

The band members consist of Leo larratt, who plays lead guitar and vocal, Liam Rutherford on the drums, and Harry Holmes on the bass guitar.

Just to clarify - how old are you guys?

We are all 16.

What’s the name about?

They name came about when our friend jack Colston was brainstorming names with us and happened to come upon his geography book and astronomy homework and hence put them together to create ‘Geography of Mars’.

What are you working on at the moment?

At the moment we are working on writing new songs, and beginning to think about film clips for 2 new tracks we just got recorded.

Hard question - name your biggest influence(s)

If we had to say three, they would be the cure, the smiths, and the arctic monkeys.

What’s next for GOM?

We will be releasing a couple of new songs with film clips, so stay content with our posts!