Gabrielle Clement, by Ryan Williams / by Ryan Williams

I am one to get very affected by the takings-place in blockbuster movies, TV shows and books. If Jaime Lannister has a runny nose in Game of Thrones, I have a runny nose. If Sansa Stark is cranky because she didn’t have her large flat white made on soy milk in Game of Thrones, I am cranky. If something horrible happens to Theon Greyjoy in Game of Thrones (no spoilers, please), pray for my safety.  

That time I saw the Christopher Nolan WWII movie Dunkirk, the very same thing happened. I was heaving for the characters, especially all the good characters. Right at the very end something clicked with one of the poncey English soldiers: ‘That’s that Harry Styles One Direction bloke,’ I thought to myself, and it was. There I found myself heaving for the survival of Harry Styles One Direction. Coming out of that time was tough. Meeting up with photographer and music writer, Gabrielle Clement, was a great help. I instantly found something in common with her – a love for the 1D. Anyway, here’s the interview.

Gabrielle Clement

You write as well as take photos?

Yeah, on the odd occasion. It's normally just for the website I take photos for. I have a few: Project U, Interns and Cool Accidents.

How did you start working with them?

Project U are the reason I started taking photos. I was just taking my camera to gigs and I knew the guy who runs it; one day he asked me to submit. At that point I didn't think the images were very good at all, but he kept me on. He kept giving me assignments and eventually I upgraded my gear. I reached out to The Interns once we'd met out at a gig in Sydney – they took me on as well. There’s a few staff that float between them and Cool Accidents. It all happened kind of organically, I guess. 

How often do you write?

Sometimes – if there's an artist I like offering an interview, I’ll go for it. I think I need to use this Communication degree somewhere along the line [laughs]. 

How long ago did you start getting out there shooting photos?

That would have been around two years ago that I did that first show. About six months later, I upgraded all my cameras and lenses and started looking at taking photography a little bit more seriously. 

So you were shooting all through school?

Yeah, I did my HSC and all that with photography. It's always been my hobby.

Now it's turned into a paid thing?

Sometimes paid... More like getting into things for free at this stage [laughs].

Are your shoots mostly assignments now? Sydney, touring bands and things?

I shot the Raave Tapes show up here recently, and I got in with the band Froyo from Sydney. I'd met them before and they were around. That happened really organically too.

In your opinion, what makes a good live shot? How do you choose the ones you’ll pass on?

If I'm at a festival, it wouldn't be unusual for me to shoot thousands of images. Going through every single one of those is painful. You can distil it down to maybe four of one act that are very similar, but one might be just be slightly better. They might be looking at the camera in a certain way, the lighting might be just right. It's tricky to choose. Sometimes two months down the track I’ll be reviewing some photos and I’ll find an amazing shot that I completely missed before.  

Most of the time it's only one or two images that get to accompany the story.

That's right. The feature image will hopefully be my favourite. Often I won't like any of the photos I've taken, but I know I’ll need at least ten to make up the gallery [laughs].  

Who has been your favourite act to shoot so far?

That's a really hard question. I shot Niall Horan in the past. I was the biggest 1D fan ever, and he was always my favourite in the group. 

Which one is he?

He was in One Direction, until they broke up and all started doing their solo things. He did a Sydney show this year.

They're all doing that now.

Yeah I think Harry [Styles] is coming before the end of the year.

He's the good one. 

I'm actually travelling to NZ to see him next [laughs]. But that Niall Horan show has probably been my highlight – I love him. I shot it for EMI as well. It was one of the most exciting things I've ever done. 

How did you get that?

I tweeted how much I would love to shoot Niall and they messaged me – it just happened! [Laughs]

What's your opinion on shoeys?

I think shoeys should be banned. I hate them, and I can't go to a Newcastle gig without someone yelling out to do one. I remember being at the Alex Lahey gig I shot and someone told her to do one. I really hate it.

It was probably funny around two years ago.

Yeah, it's had its time.

 What are you looking forward to?

Harry Styles in NZ.

Follow Gabrielle’s work on Insta @gxbriellemxry.

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