Foemen Release Synth Filled New Single / by Brooke Tunbridge


Grab your earphones, or play it to the world on your shitty phone speaker, ‘Interfear’, the new single from Newcastle indie electro act Foemen was released today.

Pressing play on this track you’re absorbed into endless layers of synths, and into a dark place with flickers of light through the fog, like the moment before take-off on an indoor roller coaster.

The band explains the song is about frustration of feeling insecure, and the feeling of letting go of that, shifting to a blissful sensation instead. Those themes are made pretty clear from the high and low points of the song, as the intensity picks up at the right moments.

Foemen emerged on the scene last year in 2016 with the release of their debut album Detritus City. After exploring the US and Europe, the band grew from two people to a five-piece act, taking their live performance to the next level.

Detritus City’ was created after band members were influenced by the violent histories of the countries they visited, mixed with their mutual love and appreciation for electronic, pop and rock. Sydney producer Dave Hammer helped on their first album, and has returned to work with them on this new track, ‘Interfear’.

Foemen have more music to release in 2018 and hope to travel it around the country. As for now, they have an upcoming show on 22nd December - The Cat’s Pajamas Newcastle.

Listen to the 'Interfear' here. SOUNDCLOUD or UNEARTHED

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