Bravo Victor's, 'Fire & Ice', Live Music Video - Out Now! / by Hannah Stretton

Back at it again, with yet another beautifully shot music video, is the illuminating duo - Bravo Victor. This time, with a stripped back rendition of 'Fire & Ice', a fan favourite and vocal crescendo from their self-titled EP. Lucky for us all, the video has come out a little earlier than expected too, which is an epic treat for Bravo Victor fans and some, hopefully, newly acquired fans. 

Bravo Victor have always had a beautiful way of capturing the essence of their music and translating that onto a screen. In their, 'For All Their Flaws' music video, it was all about capturing those rare moments in time where you catch yourself slipping and drawing people into the cosmic trap of unrequited love. The music video comes from a place of vulnerability, where it's all raw emotion and your heart is clearly on your sleeve. It's what happens when art meets the heart & it's truly mesmerising. 

With the 'Fire and Ice' video clip, Bravo Victor have taken a different turn. For starters, it's live. There's no fancy bells and whistles or touch-ups, which I think is perfect for this particular song, as 'Fire and Ice' is such a intense listening experience. The aim of this video, I think, is to draw attention to the small subtleties and intricacies of Bravo Victor as a live performing duo & they definitely achieved that.

Sophie's incredible vocals alone act to distract you from the bleak, 'close to demolition' zone, and when you pair that with Jono's classical 'Bond, James Bond' like bass picks, it's a match made in heaven. The video illuminates their musical chemistry and solid foundation as musicians, and when you learn that it was all filmed in one take, you take your hat off to them. Them and their incredible team - which don't go without recognition and applaud; 

  • Engineered and mixed by Ryan Huthnance
  • Videography by Caleb Irwin
  • Mastered by Kathy Naunton of dB Mastering

Like I have mentioned, there is nothing fancy - but it works perfectly & anything more would've done a great disservice to the musical credibility of this song and performance. 

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