FINDING YOUR TRIBE: A selfish review of The Jungle "Goodbye for Now" / by Kian West

Last night I was a lucky audience member at The Jungle Dance Studio event "Goodbye For Now Jungle Fam" at Central Bar on King Street. We were actually there to support the MC for the night, but as fate would have it we got lucky and witnessed something special.

Photographer: @a_trotting_fox Location: Jungle Mansion Merewether Dancers: Team Fierce & Team DNA

Photographer: @a_trotting_fox Location: Jungle Mansion Merewether
Dancers: Team Fierce & Team DNA

Anytime I get to witness people expressed what it is that drives them is a special time, a spectacular evening with a great spread of talent. From the smallest of children just starting out to the professional end of dancing and all the shapes and sizes in between, male and female. People, united by a love of dance and the creation of a family. 
I'll happily admit I shed a tear (or two) as friends gave heartfelt speeches to their trainer as The Jungle had announced that it would be closing the doors at the end of this month.

To our Jungle family & friends, with a broken heart, I am devastated to let you all know, due to personal health reasons the jungle will be closing doors in 4 weeks, June 30th.
Our studio is home to so many of you, and this will hurt a lot of us in different ways.
Thankyou for giving me the best time of my entire life, I have never loved something so much, I have never completely given myself to something, and the jungle owns every part of my heart and soul.
— Phoenix (via Facebook Post, June 4, 2017)

I say Selfish because as I looked out on a room of people united I was reminded of our own event a week prior at The Edwards and the community we created. The family of people that The Jungle had connected highlighted my own efforts in a different way. 
I applaud the team that created The Jungle for what was an achieved, most people will never realise just how much emotional effort goes into making a dream like this a reality. An incredible feat even if it was now finishing, for now. 

I'm confident that the room full of hearts that were touched last night will be greater for the experience and that some will use this as a spark to build upon their own dreams, or just simply want for more. That's a good thing. We need as many people that build one another up as we can get. The community is stronger for having had The Jungle, more than it is weaker now that it is going. New friendships, stronger bonds, fresh ideas... It has a compounding effect. 

It reminds me that Newcastle is a beautiful place full of incredible people. Xx