Exhibition Launch: Serving Country at Newcastle City Library / by Brooke Tunbridge


Launching at Newcastle City Library tomorrow (Friday 20th April 2018), Serving Country shares the first person stories of 75 years of over 150 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander servicemen and women's experiences in Australia's Defence Forces.

The remarkable stories shared in this exhibition reminds us that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Diggers served in Australia's Defence forces well before they were granted citizenship in 1967.

The stories are both inspiring and devastating, creating a moving and meaningful exhibition with a higher purpose to share these stories and educate the community.

The exhibition runs from 20th April - 9th June at Lovett Gallery, Newcastle City Library (15 Laman Street Newcastle 2300).

Another exhibition launching tomorrow is Remember Me, displayed in the Local History Lounge at Newcastle City Library.

In 1914, when war was declared, many Australians felt it was their duty to enlist.

They went off to a war they knew little about. Some would not return home.

Portraits of soldiers and their families provided keepsakes for the families as the soldiers headed overseas to serve in World War I. After the war, memorials were commissioned to recognise the service and sacrifice of those who were part of the Great War. The Remember Me exhibition features some local portraits from the collection.

The exhibition runs from Friday 20th April to Saturday 16th June.

For more information and to find other exhibitions, head to the Newcastle City Library website.