Top 3 Gigs for Weekend Workers, by Jess Moog / by Jessica Moog

A weekly live music guide for Novacastrians who suffer from the weekend work grind.


Fallen on Deaf Ears Newcastle Tour

WHEN: Wednesday 25th October

WHERE: The Lass O’Gowrie Hotel

SOUNDS LIKE: A gig you could potentially break a bone at (because the music is KILLA), but also one that you should be happy to give up a limb for anyway.

Event deets here.



Marriah Band for Mark Tucker’s Birthday

WHEN: Wednesday 25th October

WHERE: The Stag and Hunter Hotel

SOUNDS LIKE: Pretty much just a huge bday bash that includes a bank-breaking $0 entry and an endless supply of mother-tucking gewd timez.

Event deets here.



Lyall Maloney

WHEN: Thursday 26th October

WHERE: The Cambridge Hotel

SOUNDS LIKE: A funky/chill/rap version of The Beautiful Girls with a hint of Bootleg Rascal and a baby-smooth head.

Event deets here.