Sitting there suddenly realising that tomorrow is one of those public holidays where it is more than OK to sit around Netflixing all day 'cause ain't nothing open? We got you. 

Netflix chill couch hungover Easter Thursday Friday Good

Good Friday certainly means one thing for a few of us, going out Thursday night knowing full well we are going to sleep most of the day on Friday and it will be glorious. 
Now you know this, it is the perfect time to make a plan for Thursday night and we have a couple of great options for you. 

1. The Happy Wombat - Craft Beer, Free BBQ, great music... Perfection.

2. The Edwards - Not only could you just head in for what is certain to be an awesome meal, the team at Big Dog Pod have a special comedy night on to laugh right into Easter. 

3. The Cambridge Hotel - Two solid reasons to be at the Cambo tonight with You Am I or Guilty Pleasures 3 with Kwame. Vibes are high on this one. 

Where are you heading? Hit us up with more great options in the comments.