Top 3 Gigs for Weekend Workers, By Jess Moog / by Jessica Moog

A weekly live music guide for Novacastrians who suffer from the weekend work grind.


CRocQ Live

WHEN: Wednesday 16th August

WHERE: 5 Sawyers

SOUNDS LIKE: A super cool Ne-Yo/Phil Collins hybrid with a fantastic smile and a heart of gold.

Event details here.


Dan Brodie Album Launch

WHEN: Thursday 17th August

WHERE: Wickham Park Hotel

SOUNDS LIKE: A curious yet totally dope mix between some classic Paul Kelly and LCD Soundsystem.

Event details here.

dan brodie

Elbury Album Launch with Vanishing Shapes

WHEN: Wednesday 16th August

WHERE: The Lass O’Gowrie Hotel

SOUNDS LIKE: The type of combined soundtrack that would be used in a film about a little girl who goes looking for fairies and other cute woodland creatures in the forest on a delightful Spring arvo.

Event details here.