DJ JAKESY HUSSLE: Having lived through the entire 1990's (dressed in various Mambo shirts, Hot Tuna boardies and Kuta Lines stripey jumpers) Jakesy Hussle has solidified himself as an OG when it comes to 90'S COOKED MEMORIES.  Whether you're spinning with your eyes closed in the middle of the d-floor or just simply leaning against a wall trying to savour the last few drops of flavour from a three hour old piece of chewy, Jakesy Hussle has the perfect authentic90's rave soundtrack to inspire you.

1. "Here's Johnny" - Hocus Pocus :

 Straight out of the bubbling Dutch dance music scene of the central 90s comes
HOCUS POCUS (formally known as DOOP) with their protobanger "HERE'S JOHNNY".
The combination of cutting edge CGI visuals, the hard hitting 4 to the floor beat and the repetitive and familiar "HEEERRRRREEEES JOHNNNNYYY!" (a sample of Jack Nicholson's line from 'The Shinning') kept this track to number #1 in Australia for a staggering 6 straight weeks!
Some Novocastrian fans have been known to replace the main line with their own cries of "Here's Johnsy!" while imitating a 40-20 attempt (whatever that means?) on the d-floor.

2. "Techno Syndrome (Mortal Kombat)" - The Immortals:

As a youngster growing up in housing commision I never owned a copy of Mortal Kombat.. but my mate Billy Spinze down the road did! We'd play for hours. Memorizing fatality combos. Dressing in yellow and blue (to imitate Scorpion and Subzero).  Disconnecting each others controllers when it got too close. Good times.
Then in August 1995 it dropped. MORTAL KOMBAT: THE MOVIE. We finally got non-pixelated faces to put to our favourite characters, a vague storyline and plenty of cheesy violence to boot. Most importantly for me, we got "TECHNO SYNDROME (MORTAL KOMBAT)" by The Immortals. A great piece of 90's dance history that will cook the rawest of memories to a crisp.

3. "Kernkraft 400" - Zombie Nation:

Coming in at number #8 on Sports Illustrated's list of Top 10 Stadium Anthems is our number#3. Starting its life in the underground German techno scene "KERNKRAFT 400" quickly became a staple song at every sporting venue with a walkman taped to a microphone. These days the Zombie Nation track is almost indistinguishable from the generic groan of a sporting crowd. But if you're at the right venue, at the right time, with enough lasers refracting through your eyeballs into your brain you might just catch the original cooked vibes that this song was intended for.

4. "Treaty (Filthy Lucre Remix)" - Yothu Yindi

Where were you when you first heard "TREATY"?  In front of the TV watching RAGE like therest of us most probably. Written by Yothu Yindi members Mandawuy Yunupingu, Kellaway, Williams, Gurrumul Yunupingu, Mununggurr and Marika and Co-written by Aussie music legends Paul Kelly and Peter Garrett, "Treaty" Quickly gained attention on various radio stations Down-Under.
 It's strange to think that some peoples introduction to dance music was via a remix of apolitically charged song by indigenous Australians, but it true. Not only for Aussie larrikins like myself but also Belgian and American larrikins where "TREATY" reached   #9 and #6 in their respective charts. A definite COOKED MEMORIES dancefloor classic that reveals more gold with repeated listens and a lyrics sheet handy.

5. "Music Sounds Better With You" - Stardust

I have a confession to make. 90's rave music does nothing for my soul. I can dance to it till I die but my heart beats and breaks for one genre only... DISCO. 
 Sequins, chest hair, flared jeans, dancefloor angels draped in technicolour jumpsuits jiving rhythmically to the sultry musical mosaic of a Evelyn 'Champagne' King or Teddy Pendergrass composition. Breathtaking.
So when I'm playing an event like COOKED MEMORIES I always make sure to include a track that satisfies my mirrored balls. That track is "MUSIC SOUNDS BETTER WITH YOU" by Stardust. The main sample used is from a 1981 song called "Fate" by certified disco diva Chaka Kahn. Check your mum's old record crate, you might find this or some other sneaky 12" vinyl.

6. "The Winner Is" - Southend

Aussies love to froth. We seem to hit peak froth around sporting events. Never was this more apparent than in our reaction to the announcement we had won the right to host The 2000 Olympic Games. "The winner isSYD-E-NEY!" Juan Antonio Samaranch enunciated officially through the generic microphone. Australia lost its collective plot.
This was 1993. A full 7 years before we'd even seen the Female Brazilian Volleyball athletes take home silver and bronze. My family opted to buy tickets to see Cuba vs Japan in the baseball as it seemed to offer more bang for our buck. $98 for handball tickets? pfffft

7. "Firestarter" - The Prodigy

In 1996 The Prodigy started adding vocals to their tracks. Before this they were lost in a sea of wordless anonymity. No verbs, no nouns and no screams. The release of "FIRESTARTER" heralded a new era of stories laced with personality and colour. Tough thrashy British lyrics were delivered with visuals that matched.
If you can sit through all 3minutes and 46seconds of this clip without feeling a fiery serpent of energy coil around your spine and explode from your clenched, pumping fist, then you need to come to COOKED MEMORIES#2 to get your techno chakra realigned ASAP

8. "E-Talking" - Soulwax

On the night of COOKED MEMORIES we follow a fairly strict 90's only policy. Iphone 7's and Samsung Galaxy S7's are switched for Nokia 5110's and 3210's. Tucked in esoteric vintage band/harley t-shirts and $36 dad caps are traded for rainbow smiley faces and mums old day-glo Reebok tracksuit. No songs from December 31st 1989, no songs from January 1st 2000. BUT this isn't COOKED MEMORIES so we can bend the rules a little.
Released in 2004 "E-Talking" by Soulwax isn't my favourite track in the world, or even in this list, but the filmclip captures the late night antics of chemically altered club goers almost too perfectly.

9.  "Show Me Love" - Robin S.

I DJ a lot of private house parties. Some great with lovely people happily dancing between tables of food and booze. Other gigs can be as fun as french kissing a cobra. One thing that is constant is the punters shoving their phones in my face demanding I play their jam right now. Little Suzie wants the latest banger, Aunty Sheryl wants the same song they played at her formal 20 years ago while my mate Chloë (who came along just to hit on dudes) wants something she can hit on dudes to. "Show me love" by Robin S. covers all these bases.
Since it's release in 1990 this song gets rolled out every few years as some new revitalised remix, exposing the next generation to Robin S' magnum opus.

10. "Sandstorm" - Darude

11.59pm. July 1st 2017. You're at The Croatian Club in Wickham. You and your friends are linked hands in the middle of the room, spinning in your own personal circle of love. The combination of lasers, strobes and hot hard 90's beats have sent you to another realm. Then the music fades to nil. The whole tribe looks up at the DJ with a mixture of betrayal and puppy dog-eyed sadness. The Dj presses firmly down on the smoke machine button, holding it just long enough to create a dancefloor sized nimbus cloud. He winks imperceivably behind Caltex speed dealers. The tracks starts with a bang. You recognise it instantly and lock eyes with you best friend. The track begins to thunder. Your palms sweat and your jaw locks as you brace youself for the oncoming storm.

So get excited for Cooked Memories 2 @ The Croation Wickham Saturday July 1st!