Dexter Morph. Because There's Just So Much 'Moore'. / by Laura Kebby

Image taken from DEXONYX. Mystery Person - Album Artwork

Image taken from DEXONYX. Mystery Person - Album Artwork

The best music comes as a result of a passionate journey. As a creative, it is always a wonderful experience to chat to someone who is so passionate about their craft, that they would actively choose to pursue it with such integrity and intention that there seems as though there is no other option but to succeed. This particular anecdote sums up local artist Dexter Moore, AKA Dexter Morph and ahead of his show this coming Friday at Lizottes, Mirage arranged a quick catch up with the self-confessed “man from somewhere else”.

“It’s the arrival of a different perspective and a different character. It’s a mystery. I’m really pushing some boundaries with the way I’m presenting this”, says Dexter of the launch of his latest album and associated project – “Mystery Person” a nine track record stacked with sound and story.  Although the sound is slightly different from what fans of Dexter’s earlier and quite extensive back catalogue are used to hearing, there are some definite similarities. “It’s definitely a far more energised approach I guess, to the very gentle rhythms and the acoustics of the other stuff. The thing is, my show goes between those two extremes. I paint it visually by utilising this character”.

This particular character – Dexter Morph, is something that has been in development for a substantial amount of time, brewing, churning, and twirling inside the creative mind of Dexter Moore, as Dexter says; “It’s been a long term arrangement. Ever since I was a child I’ve always had this vision of this character and adventures in space. It’s stayed with me for my entire life”. And again, it’s not as though this particular project is purposefully removed from the person he is, it’s more an experiment, an expression of thought, creativity and art, from a different perspective. “I’m not really shifting in a sense, it’s more like, for just a moment, I’m making physical my fantasy world and my alter expression of now. I think that it’s a wonderful adventure for people to go on. To have more than one viewpoint on an issue and to be able to live with the two or more viewpoints. This is where the idea of mixing up my mediums came into play”.

When you take the time to watch the accompanying visual, Dexter’s vision becomes slightly more clear. The video for “Timeless” a track included of course on the latest album, is a futuristic depiction of the world of Dexter Morph, and as you can see below, it really is a trip. 

But what can we expect from the album launch this Friday? “It’s the landing, it’s the appearance of myself in more than one way”. Continuing Dexter adds, the importance having and featuring the local talent behind him on stage. “There are three awesome local musicians as well, Klaye Sanders, Nick Bukey and Ammiel forming a band behind me”.

The bottom line? “I’m presenting it as though it’s two different people, but it’s not, it’s just me. It’s a trip, I have a lot of fun with that. I just aim to let the imagination play with this idea”. 

Catch the launch of Mystery Person this Friday at Lizottes, strap in, hold on, and ride the creative wave of tunes.