December...yogathroughalens / by Kian West


IMG_8938sml I recently finished uni for the year and I had planned on being proactive by learning more about yoga, photography, spending time on creative pursuits and simply writing for enjoyment. While I am doing these things, I find myself also just wanting to sit and do absolutely nothing. Now that it’s getting hot it’s so great to just sit by the ocean and listen, breathe and be. I usually try to find places where there are not too many people around, but that was way easier in winter! So, I’m learning to embrace the company of people I don’t know, even if they’re just on my periphery. It doesn’t matter if people watch on as I setup my camera and take photos of yoga poses. This one is a baby crow pose just next to the newly reopened Merewether Baths. Maybe just one of those people will be inspired to try a yoga class and find that it can change their life.