Deadtown Nothings / by Kian West

After speaking with Darcy Rice O’Connor, band member of , about their new, upcoming EP, it became clear to me- in between him taking the piss of himself- that the hard-core scene has a much more sentimental, caring side to it then may be regarded by some as a “violent subculture, filled with ignorant people”

By Katherine Everest



Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’ve been playing in bands since I was 18. I’ve played in a noisy, experimental, hard-core band, Caverns. I filled in for a metal-core band, Inhale The Sea, and now I’m playing in a hard-core band called Deadtown Nothings. I am the second guitarist, and yeah everything is sick!

Tell us about your EP.

It’s six tracks, and our shortest song is 30 seconds, and our longest song is six minutes. I fucked it up because this is the one I’m recording on, and the EPs they recorded before are all nice, 30 second to two minute songs- normal hard-core songs- but because I was playing in the ‘weird’ band before, that influence stays with me.PastedGraphic-1


What sort of things does your band write about?

Josh, our singer, writes the lyrics. He writes about a variety of stuff; love songs, there’s a lot of songs coming up on our EP about mental health- two of the guys in the band work with Allambi in youth services- but also he’s a Misfits fan and he likes that sort of horror-punk so we have some songs about Halloween. He touched on songs in the last one [EP] on immigration. He is very political, and passionate about it, so it comes from a good place. People can smell if you’re doing it for fake, and they’ll weed you out.


When, and where will the EP be available?

We recorded September last year. I can’t say which song is going to come out first, but I definitely want to say in December, and if you publish this saying December than I’ll be like, ‘Look, she said December, it has to come out, otherwise it will make me look like an idiot’, which they’ll probably want to do anyway so there you go, I just shot myself in the back with that one. It will be on our Facebook. As far as when the [full] EP will be out, I’m going to say early next year. Everyone has a different opinion of early, I think of it as before the next financial year- if it’s not released by then, something’s very wrong, one of us has died or I don’t know.

Will there be a release show in Newcastle?



What’s your favourite moment since been with DTN?

It happened early on when I joined the band. We played with an old NSW hard-core band, Found My Direction, it was really nice to see the younger guys getting into the same stuff, and the real sense of passion. If anyone has a doubt of any sense of community, they just had to go to that show and they would’ve been absolutely convinced. Not a lot of people expect it. People think it’s a violent subculture, filled with ignorant people. The only reason people think like that is it gets attention from mass media on a wide scale. It’s like ‘People get hurt at hard-core show’. That’s one thing in the minority, but who wants to do a news article on ‘A bunch of guys get together and have a really good time’. It’s a nice, welcoming community but that doesn’t get newspapers on the shelves does it… mate?