Dark Horse Espresso - By Meg Francis / by Kian West


My relationship with coffee began as a teenager and like all first relationships it was sickly sweet and far too co-dependent. At first it kept me awake at night but slowly our romance blossomed into a constant and stable affair that never tore me down and was the first thing I wanted to see in the morning. I would describe myself as the average Josephine coffee lover whose preference for soy cappuccinos has led me to beginning of a treasure hunt throughout Newcastle for the best coffee haunts/houses and share my knowledge.

Dark Horse Espresso Review

By Meg Francis


This month’s obsession is Dark Horse Espresso and to be perfectly Francis, (as I am a Francis) I actually considered ending this column because the coffee is so damn good.


Hidden in the back streets of ‘warehouse district’ (it’s a little Brooklyn, NY) on Greenway St in Wickham, Dark Horse Espresso is situated in literally a tiny hole in the wall and is potentially one of the most underrated and best coffee shops in the whole of Newcastle.


Connected to the French Patina (insanely cool furniture for the interior design inclined), Dark Horse Espresso is a little vintage meets a little industrial that delivers on a comfortable and cool vibe.


Dark Horse’s menu is simple but mouth watering and ‘order remorse’ will be a constant feeling (Order remorse definition: that moment after you order and then see someone elses mean and think ‘damn, I should’ve got that’).


The homemade muesli is a must and don’t even get me started on the carb-based products of sourdough toast with condiments, sourdough bagel with smoke salmon and (my personal favourite) smashed avocado on sourdough (with the option of feta or coriander pesto- no option, just say yes).


But most importantly, my soy cappuccino (with one sugar- my palate has not yet refined to the point of straight coffee and olives quite yet) was rich, flavoursome and smooth.  Continuously consistent and full of flavour, Dark Horses uses Campos beans as their weapon of choice and mixed with knowledgeable barista’s delivers the goods. Also fact: Dark Horse actually won the Campus award above the Campos Café a few years ago.

So escape into the quiet backstreets until you stumble upon this little diamond and enjoy whether you are searching for a break to write that angsty poetry or making a quick stop before a road trip, this is the place.


Okay, I’m starting to gush so just get your butt there and thank me later (I accept fruit baskets and baked goods).