DARBY STREET SHOWCASE: Cherry Stain w/ Hannah Stretton / by Hannah Stretton

Photography provided by  Boys Don't Cry   Collective

Photography provided by Boys Don't Cry Collective

Newcastle has a long history of producing bands that end up making big waves in the music industry - Cherry Stain is just another one I can see being added to that list. You could even say, that like a cherry stain, this young band will leave a lasting impression 😉🍒

Having released their first E.P. 'Cherry Stain Vol. 1' in 2017, this band, consisting of members; Sebastian Mccomb, Daniel Sutherland, Rory Scott, Clarence Playford, Harlan Hammick; are still breaking in the success of the last year & keeping busy recording their second E.P - due to be released on the 14th of April. 

Their lyrics range from the typical discussions expected of youth at the local pub to the more serious political conversations that rip right into the conflict with gusto - a much welcomed and progressive approach that is at the centre of what makes contemporary music so great. 

They are a young band who aren’t afraid to speak their truth and let the rest of Newcastle (and the world) know about it. There’s a real ‘f*ck em’ attitude, but it’s delivered in such a truly mature and authentic way that you forget how young these band members are. 

Bands have their ups and downs, members come and go, disagreements are had, but the way this band have come together to create such mature, rare and fun music, is a true testament to their love of the music scene and the dedication they have to their craft. 

Cherry Stain’s music steps away from the ordinary and each performance is delivered with unsurmountable energy, leaving you buzzing and feeling happy to be alive. It’s an experience not to be missed, so make sure you get yourself to Headphone Project from 4pm to get in amongst the fun. Plus, the story behind the Headphone Project is also pretty awesome, so make sure to have a good look around while you're there. 

Ahead of Darby Street Live, we got to chat to the youthful crew behind Cherry Stain and got to know a bit more about the local artists they love & what to expect from their performance on the Boy’s Don’t Cry Headphone Project stage. You can check out the interview below...

How would you describe your music? 

Cherry Stain: Funky jazz mixed with political hip-hop

What can people expect from your performance at Darby Street Live? 

Cherry Stain: Expect an upbeat, pumping set from Cherry Stain. Giving all they have.  

Who’s your favourite local music artist & why?

Cherry Stain: Some of our favourite local musical artists are SHRIMP and Looseleaf IV. It’s nice to have artists playing similar genres to us as a band.  

What do you love about Newy’s music scene?

Cherry Stain: We love the grime of the Newcastle scene. It’s growing and for a band, it's very exciting to be part of a scene that is moving forward. 

Photography by  Andrew Brassington  - Manager /  Boys Don't Cry

Photography by Andrew Brassington - Manager / Boys Don't Cry

What is your favourite thing about Newy - what would you recommend to the tourists out there? 

Cherry Stain: Newcastle is situated in a beautiful place in the world. On the coast, our beaches are world class and having industrial roots give a twist as a city. As everyday citizens of Newcastle, we would recommend hanging out in the city, drinking coffee, checking out concerts, museums and art galleries. 

When and where can we catch you for Darby Street Live? 

Cherry Stain: You’ll be able to catch us at the Boys Don’t Cry’s Headphone Project, and we’re on at 4 o’clock. 

There you have it! To check out more about Cherry Stain, you can find gig updates, new music and other goodies on Triple J Unearthed or their social links below. Meanwhile, I recommend you check out their incredible E.P., 'Cherry Stain Vol. 1' on Spotify and catch them at Darby Street Live on the 24th! 🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒

Facebook // Instagram: @cherrystainband // Triple J Unearthed: https://www.triplejunearthed.com/artist/cherry-stain