DARBY STREET LIVE SHOWCASE: Paris Grace w/ Hannah Stretton / by Hannah Stretton

Photography by  Simon Bernasconi

Photography by Simon Bernasconi

It’s a very rare thing to find artists that capture your full and undivided attention by something as simple and peeled back as playing a guitar in a living room, yet, Paris Grace does just that. Paris harnesses a power, that at 16, let alone at any age, is so unique and raw. Quite frankly it scares you, the talent and power this young girls voice possesses, and it is something that needs to be witnessed at Darby Street Live on the 24th.

At 16 I was far too busy fantasising about what the future would hold and left my future in 'God's hands', whereas, Paris Grace has taken destiny into her own hands - a ballsy move and one that I encourage wholeheartedly. 

Having entered the Tip Jar Song Competition in 2017, with only hours before entries closed, Paris was putting herself out there more than ever before, and guess what? It worked wonders. At only 15, Paris took out the top prize (Industry Prize) with her song 'Longer This Time', alongside fellow Darby Street Live performer, Benn Allsop, and has been busy with gigs and music recording ever since - not to mention, also juggling school in amongst that. 

Performing as the support act for the likes of Casey Donovan and playing some epic Australian venues, this young performer is quickly becoming accustomed to life on stage and it’s no surprise that other people are taking to her sound, which includes a good mix of original & beautiful scores as well as a few covers here and there.

Photography by Paris Grace's Mum

Photography by Paris Grace's Mum

Playing solo, with the addition of a guitarist, at 5 Sawyers from 7:20 pm, Paris Grace is a talent you won't want to miss out on seeing. Like seeing a dog on it's hind legs, Paris Grace will surprise you. Her lyrics are full of soul and her voice is far more mature than the body it comes from, a true enigma and precious gem that the music scene will come to treasure (if they haven't already). 

Ahead of the gig, I got to speak to Paris Grace about her music, her favourite things and just have a chat really - as she really is a sweetheart. Full interview can be found below... 

How would you describe your music? Try 5 words or less, if you’re feeling creative.

Soulful. 💕

What can people expect from your performance at Darby Street Live?

I believe the audience will get great story-telling through my songs and hopefully they will feel a connection to the lyrics.

Who’s your favourite local music artist & why?

Daniel March. I love how he writes from a real place. We have similar taste in music.

What do you love about Newy's music scene? 

To be honest, because I am only 16, I don't get to see a lot of artists play live and that is why I am so grateful for the opportunity to perform at Darby Street Live and watch some of the other artists show who they are.

What is your favourite thing about Newy - what would you recommend to the tourists out there?

Definitely the beaches. When I am not writing or playing music, I am at the beach. 🌊

The cafes and the vibe in Darby Street is also really awesome.

When and where can we catch you for Darby Street Live?

I will have a guitarist accompany me on the night and we will be at 5 Sawyers from 7:20pm.

There you have it! To check out more about Paris Grace, you can find gig updates, new music and other goodies on her social links below. Meanwhile, I recommend you check out her beautiful covers and originals on Youtube and catch this young dynamite do her thing at Darby Street Live on the 24th! 

Facebook // Instagram: @parisgrace_ // Youtube