DARBY STREET LIVE SHOWCASE: Benn Allsop w/ Hannah Stretton / by Hannah Stretton

Photography by  Shane Wise

Photography by Shane Wise

When you dedicate a song to your soul-mate & perform it at your wedding 👰🏻, you're bound to win some brownie points for life. But, when you then take that a step further & broadcast it on the internet and it ends up going viral - well dude, not only have you set some high standards for the ladies & fellas (and non-binary individuals) out there (gee, thanks), but you've also won brownie points with the whole freaking world (that includes Ashton Kutcher... yeah, you saw that correctly). This, my friends, is Mr. Benn Allsop - the man, who did just that, and is bringing his first ever solo gig to Darby Street Live this Saturday. 

Photography by  Justin Worboys

Photography by Justin Worboys

Having been drawn to the world of music from a young age, Benn has lead a very artistic and creative life up to this point. Having attended a performing arts school, learning all sorts of instruments, appearing in theatre in school (and at The Kavon in Hamilton) and on television in Australia and the U.S - you could say Benn isn't afraid of the lights, camera & action. However, he admits that taking his music seriously hasn't really come, that is, until now. 

After winning the 'People's Choice' prize with his song 'Here to Tell You', in the Tip Jar Song Competition last year, alongside fellow musician - Paris Grace, Benn has now been afforded the opportunity & 'kick up the ass' to sit back, record and focus on his music for the first time, in a long time. Which, I think he's feeling pretty freakin' excited about. 

However, the song that put Benn Allsop on the music map, so to speak, was the one that he dedicated to his wife Abbie. *cue a lot of cuteness & love* 💕

'Thank You (Abbie's Song)' was performed by Benn at their wedding and to say that it was beautiful would be an understatement. And, it seems the rest of Australia agreed. Once this video went up on the net, Australia fell in love with the song & sentiment, making it blow up and go viral.

It even caught the attention of Hollywood actor, Ashton Kutcher, to which he then shared to his 18 million fan following. I told you, we've got a viral sensation here!

Now that Benn has achieved viral stardom, brownie points with his wife & world, as well as winning the Tip Jar Song Competition - what more can Benn ask for? Well, an E.P - which is actually in the works, as we speak, and that you'll get a preview of at his performance on Saturday. 

Playing at 5 Sawyers from 6:30pm,  alongside Jye Sharp and Paris Grace, Benn will give you some uplifting poppy tunes with a touch of humour and a whole lotta love and connection. You don't want to pass that up.

Ahead of the gig, which is TOMORROW (hint, hint - nudge, nudge 😉), we got to speak to Benn Allsop about the artists he loves in Newcastle (there are a few), what his music is all about and just - look - you'll fall in love with him, so this is your warning. 🚨

How would you describe your music? Try 5 words or less, if you’re feeling creative.

 “Positive Pop Vibes Giving Da’feels” - Da’Feels is one word right? …. it is now 😆

What can people expect from your performance at Darby Street Live? 

I love acoustic, so I’ll stripping it back. I rustled up a mighty fine guitarist, Kyle, to accompany me, giving ya’ll a first listen to some new tracks, but with an acousticy twist .  

Hmm expectations are overrated. BUT, I suppose you could expect some storytelling, some singing (maybe more than ‘some’), a bit of humour and expect…to connect.. to the music.

Who’s your favourite local music artist & why?

Too Many… to name, but...

  • Emily Rex  - Anything she does amazes me (still wanting to do a duet Emily 😉)  
  • Gymea - Introduced to her at 2018 Beaumont St Carnivale, 16yrs -  her songwriting and vocals are on point!  
  • Nhostic - His rappin’ is next level. Passion bleeds out of his tracks.
  • Kirsty Lee Akers - Doing all the right things on the country music scene! 

Shout Out to PARIS GRACE too … her music is something to be heard by all.

What do you love about Newy’s music scene?

There’s a somewhat ‘welcoming with open arms feeling’ that I get. Darby Street Live will be my first for real, reals solo ‘gig’. My music was online, and I never felt like I could fit into ‘the scene’. Since winning TipJar it's given me that push, I very much needed, to get out there and represent. I hope to keep this up as a regular thang! So, watch out!

What is your favourite thing about Newy - what would you recommend to the tourists out there?  

The people, the views, the beaches….  it's the perfect blend of country and city.. what's not to love?!.  

Hmm, go to the lighthouse, walk to Merewether along the beaches - I’m never disappointed. Go quad-biking on the Stockton sand dunes, see a show at the theatre, grab a coffee on Darby. Newcastle has so much to offer.

Photography by  Shane Wise

Photography by Shane Wise

When and where can we catch you for Darby Street Live?

I’ll be cracking it off at 5 Sawyers from 6:30 pm 'till approx. 7:10pm (Saturday 24th March) alongside Paris Grace and Jye Sharp. ALSO, I’ll be on the ‘Roller Darby’ Facebook Live Streaming at around 5:30pm. 

There you have it, to check out more about Benn Allsop, you can find gig updates, new music and other goodies on his website or social links below. He's got some awesome stuff in the making, so keep an eye out for it! Meanwhile, I recommend you check out 'Thank You' on Spotify and catch him at Darby Street Live on the 24th! 

Facebook // Instagram: @bennallsop // Twitter: @bennallsop // SoundCloud // YouTube // Website: www.bennallsop.com