DARBY STREET LIVE SHOWCASE: Amos & Emily w/ Hannah Stretton / by Hannah Stretton

Photography by Solomon Wilks -  @soltookthis

Photography by Solomon Wilks - @soltookthis

Just because we love powerful music duos so much, and Newcastle audience seems to as well, we bring to the front stage, Amos & Emily, the electronic synth-pop dream that will be performing at Darby Street Live for the very first time since 2016. Yep, you heard it here first kids! 

Having crossed paths in the busy city of London in 2016, the duo formed an alliance (of sorts) against the freezing temperatures of London, to create the warm, atmospheric and spine tingling self-titled E.P, which features popular singles such as 'Fierce Love' and 'Play Pretend'.  

With Amos having returned to Newcastle, where he's been doing some pretty awesome solo projects as Skyepaint (you can check him out below), and Emily remaining in London "living the corporate life", the two haven't performed in front of a crowd for a while, that is until now.

Performing on the verandah of Cooks Hill Book Store / Blackbird Corner  from 2:00 pm - this set is one you won't want to miss. 

Amos & Emily will be delivering sounds from their E.P, that will transport you into a world of wonder, an experience that will mesmerise your mind, body and soul. They will be the perfect accompaniment to your Saturday afternoon, as you scroll through bookshelves and check out the unique trinkets at Blackbird Corner & Cooks Hill Book Store.

Leading up to the big day we got the rare opportunity to speak to the two incredible artists about their music, their love of Newcastle & it's growing music scene & other bits & bobs - you can catch the full interview below... 

Photography by Solomon Wilks - @soltookthis

Photography by Solomon Wilks - @soltookthis

How would you describe your music?

A&E: Fairytale synth-pop music (with a few skeletons in the closet)

What can people expect from your performance at Darby Street Live? 

A&E: Darby Street Live will be our first live performance in over a year, so hopefully people aren’t not expecting too much! Really though, we’re excited to play songs from our E.P. 'Reaction' and a couple of new ones too.

Who’s your favourite local music artist & why?

A&E: The quality of songwriting coming out of Newcastle these days is amazing, especially from artists like Ceilings, Rachel Maria Cox, Luunes, Inertia and so many others.

What do you love about Newy’s music scene?

A&E: The music scene in Newcastle is very honest and unpretentious at the moment. So many great artists are wearing their hearts on their sleeves and bringing their absolute A-game to their performances night after night.

What is your favourite thing about Newy - what would you recommend to the tourists out there?

A&E: I think Novocastrians sometimes take for granted how picturesque and beautiful this city is, but to be in a place with so many great beaches, speciality coffee shops and gig venues so close together is an amazing thing. Both of us lived in London for a couple of years and we definitely came back with a newfound level of appreciation for this beautiful city. 

Photography by Solomon Wilks -  @soltookthis

Photography by Solomon Wilks - @soltookthis

When and where can we catch you for Darby Street Live? 

A&E: We’re playing on the verandah at Cooks Hill Books / Blackbird Corner at 2pm. Who knows if it’ll be another 15 months until we play again (hopefully not though), so be sure to catch our set if you’re around!

There you have it! To check out more about Amos & Emily (as well as Skyepaint), you can find gig updates, new music and other goodies on Bandcamp or their social links below. Meanwhile, I recommend you check out their incredible self-titled E.P. on Spotify and catch them at Darby Street Live on the 24th! 

Amos & Emily - Facebook // Instagram: @amosandemily  // Twitter: @amosandemily // Bandcamphttps://amosandemily.bandcamp.com/releases

Skyepaint - Facebook // Instagram: @skyepaintmusic // Twitter: @skyepaintmusic // Websitehttp://smarturl.it/Skyepaint