Crema Coffee Garage vs. Newcastle Coffee Snobs / by Newcastle Discovered

On Broadmeadow Road, loud and proud between a whitegoods store and a muscle factory, sits Crema Coffee Garage, securely cornering the coffee scene of the area. And if you've ever wanted to sit in the eye of a coffee-lover’s storm, Crema's tables are nestled amongst coffee paraphernalia and a constant flow of Novocastrians coming in to get their beans for the weekend.


While the Snobs were there, a truckload of firies came in for their haul, a shortish lady carried off what looked to be five kilos of the magical fruit, and faithful Knights fans waited for takeaways to fuel their pilgrimage to nearby Hunter Stadium. (If only they had taken some to the boys in red and blue.)

It’s no wonder, then, that the Crema team are talking of expanding; from 9am till 12:30pm, the machine and their coffee bean expert are both working non-stop to keep the crowds well buzzed.

The variety of ways you can get coffee at this place is astounding, and if they don't serve it in-store, they've got the equipment to show you how to do it at home.

The Ethiopian single-O pourover is so smooth and satisfying with its palate-cleansing mineral water sidekick; it only gets better as it chills. On the flipside, the cappuccino lacked significant froth; this could be Crema’s factual version of this mum-and-dad dessert drink. Crema’s tapped cold brew is deliciously sweet without being sweetened, and all drinks come in very generous portions.

If you're planning a visit, heed our advice: don't make it at main meal time. These guys do coffee and do it well with accompaniments of healthy slices, pastries and a curious caveman lamington. Make sure you use the bathroom beforehand, and bring your cash – their vast array of coffee stuff, reusable cups and fancy teas will have you leaving with your own haul.

This travelling pack of nitpicking nancies will be turning four next month and would love you to join in the fun. For details visit