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Newcastle Health Collective



By Amy Lovat



Lucy from Newcastle Health Collective

By Amy Lovat

Lucy Ellis is a hypnotherapist, owner of Newcastle Health Collective, cheerleader of small business collaboration, and podcaster. Meet the all-round lover of love who is passionate about waking women up to their awesomeness.

As in all great fairytales, I met Lucy Ellis by accident. (That’s how it works, right?) Also, for those woo-woo among us, you might appreciate the fact that, when I first knocked on her door to drop off a few pre-loved magazines, I checked my phone and it was 11.11. When I saw her again the next week, I checked my phone when I was leaving and it was 11.11. It was clearly meant to be. Thanks universe!

Lucy is a hypnotherapist and the owner of Newcastle Health Collective – a centre for health professionals from all walks of life. She moved to Newcastle with her family about seven years ago from South Africa, and loves what our humble city has to offer. ‘I love it more and more every day. I’m really excited by all the new development happening within the CBD. The beaches are beautiful, the cycle tracks are great, and we have a plethora of coffee choice!’

Training as a hypnotherapist with the Modern Hypnotherapy Association in South Africa in 2008, Lucy specialises in ‘waking women up to their awesomeness’. She’s passionate about helping them see their true value, uncover their intrinsic worth, respect themselves and shine bright. Hypnotherapy is about working with the mind’s subconscious to create change in behaviour and thought patterns. As Lucy says, ‘I get totally excited about how we create our own life, and creating the best life for myself. I love being loud about LOVE!’

Pop into the Newcastle Health Collective centre in Hamilton for counselling, psychology, kinesiology, coaching, yoga, stretching, initiative eating, non-diet dietician, hypnotherapy, essential oils, reiki, workshops, meditation, and basically anything else healing and health-related that you can think of!

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Why did you decide to open Newcastle Health Collective, and what’s the intention behind having a variety of practitioners in the one place?

I believe in many modalities for health, so why not create a centre where the public of Newcastle has access to a range of different health professionals to support the needs of the whole person? I wanted people to experience all the amazing services within the area. I like to open my doors to all practitioners to come and share their services with us, and I interview the practitioners of Newcastle for our podcast. It’s important in business to collaborate and stand as a collective, instead of isolating ourselves, which is unhealthy for business and our clients.

What inspired you to want to become a hypnotherapist?

I was pregnant with my third baby at the time when I came across hypnobirthing… I was completely intrigued about how you could actually have a powerful and, dare I say it, enjoyable birth! I struggled to find someone because we lived in a very conservative small coastal town with limited services, but when my baby was three months, I picked up a flyer marketing a hypnotherapy course and decided it was meant to be.

Tell me a little about what hypnotherapy is/does…

Hypnotherapy is just a long word for guided relaxation to create change in one’s behaviour, emotional or mental state. As hypnotherapists, we are interacting and engaging with one’s imagination, because every perspective we have about our life has been put there by our imagination, so we can manipulate the imagination to help people relieve stress and think differently in certain situations or improve behaviours for their greater health and wellbeing.

Tell me about your dream for an ideal society/country/planet…

A society where LOVE is the loudest! I believe that starts from within… We need to learn how to love ourselves, so we can share love with others. I would love a society where we have more FUN. Being bogged down by systems and procedures and protocols takes the fun out of our work and our life. I imagine that when we are loud about love we can have more fun, because everyone’s intentions would be good.

What does COOL mean to you?

Cool is being authentic. Everybody is cool when they are being themselves.

Favourite places to hang out/eat/shop/play in Newcastle?

I hang a lot at Birdy’s café in Tighes Hill as it’s in my hood, and it’s a family-run business with a good bunch of people. I’m also found at The Brew Room opposite my centre – their food is amazing, and Liz and her team are just cool people. I love to shop at Empire Furniture in Hamilton – it’s like Pinterest in real life.

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