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by Amy Lovat

Emmy from Be Well Yoga

‘The state of our world is a direct reflection of our individual consciousness. We can all help the world become a better place if we create a higher awareness within ourselves, change the way we treat each other and be compassionate. Change actually does come from within.’

Emmy from Be Well Yoga

Emily Rose Sorensen does a multitude of things, including teaching yoga, teaching music, doing yoga, and doing music. By doing music, I mean playing at bars and weddings around Newcastle and the Hunter, under the name of Emmy Rose.

After high school, Emmy moved to Byron Bay and studied a university degree in music and teaching, before moving to Canada and then finding her way back to Newcastle, where she now works as a yoga instructor, casual high school teacher, and musician.

Personally, I think the coolest thing about Emmy is that she decided to do her own at-home silent retreat over New Year’s. I don’t know many people who would be totally cool with switching off all technology, not saying a word, and spending time alone meditating for three days at one of the most festive times of the year. Talk about inspo.

Emmy from Be Well Yoga 2

Speaking of inspo, she’s also in the process of launching a program called The Peaceful Minds Project – running in-school workshops for kids in the art of meditation and relaxation.

On a rainy Tuesday morning over coffee at Saluna, we shared our philosophies on life, finding peace, and breaking social norms.

What does COOL mean to you?

Cool is doing something that really sets you on fire. Someone who is really not caring about what other people think of them and is doing what makes them feel happy and free.

So I guess the question now is… Do you not care what others think of you and are you free?

I’m pretty happy to say that… Yeah! Ask me that question a few years ago and it would’ve been a no. Does that make me a cool person?!

Hell yeah. What’s the path that led you to this moment now, in your working life?

Five years ago, I had just finished uni and I was living in Byron Bay, wondering what to do next. I always knew that I didn’t want to work full-time in the one job. I imagined a life where I could do lots of different things and be flexible with my weekly schedule. I don’t know how, but I’ve managed to create that for myself!

You manifested it!

Yes! I thought about this yesterday… I’m 32, single, don’t own a home, not working ‘full-time’, but I’m a grown-up, paying rent, I’m self-sufficient, making enough money to survive, and doing the things I love. It’s pretty cool. I mean, I don’t always feel so content, but most of the time I can honestly say I do.

So you sometimes get lost in the ‘shoulds’ of life?

Sometimes I do let the expectations of others and society influence me a little bit. I used to grow up listening to people talk about the pressures of society and I never really got it. But now I’m like, whoa, society actually does expect you to behave a certain way! I love the freedom of doing what I want to do.

Have you always wanted to be a musician?

Definitely. I think most other artists would agree that the dream of being a full-time musician never really goes away. For me now, music is an expression. I’m always writing and recording at home and I’m super happy creating music for me. But my main focus right now is sharing yoga with people.

Emmy from Be Well Yoga 3

Have you always done yoga?

I’ve done asana – the physical yoga practice – from a really young age. I was a gymnast growing up, so it was an easy transition. About five years ago, I solidly realised the deeper power of a yoga practice. I’ve found so much peace and contentment from my yoga practice and I want to share that with people!

Tell me about your free meditations at Merewether Beach.

Meditation has been a part of my daily practice for years now, and a lot of people don’t realise it’s the core foundation of yoga. It’s been so positive for my life. This summer, instead of doing meditation at home, I started to wander down to the beach some days and do it there, so I thought since I was already there I could share it with others. Meditation is so accessible for everyone. Can you get better than sunrise, beach, and peace?!

Be Well Yoga Newcastle


Emmy teaches at Merewether SLSC on a Monday night and Twine Yoga Studio in Adamstown, or join her for a free meditation every Wednesday morning during school terms 6:30am at Merewether Beach. Follow Emmy on Instagram @be.well.yoga and @emmy.rose.music or check out www.bewellyoga.com.au.


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