CPDCT – Cat & Cindra from The Empowered Entrepreneurs / by Newcastle Discovered

Cat & Cindra from The Empowered Entrepreneurs

by Amy Lovat

Yoga teachers, creatives, business coaches, T-shirt designers, copywriters, photographers, life-lovers and total girlbosses… Is there anything these two don’t do?! Cat Mead and Cindra Banks are The Empowered Entrepreneurs.

You might recognise these two smiling faces with their funky-coloured hair as the ladies behind Two Feet Yoga in Merewether. Cat Mead and Cindra Banks are business partners in their yoga studio, and have recently started their own business coaching and creative agency service called The Empowered Entrepreneurs.

Serious all-round go-getters, Cat and Cindra also co-host two podcasts – one called On Life, in which they interview health practitioners and other yoga professionals locally and around Australia, and the other called The Empowered Entrepreneurs Show, talking biz and mindset in a unique way, which is now hosted by The Wellness Couch.

Cat is a photographer, serial entrepreneur (does anyone remember T-Rex Does Yoga shirts? That was her!) and self-taught web designer, and Cindra’s strength is copywriting and social media, with a background in her own music PR business. Meeting through mutual friends a few years ago, they became quick soul buddies, and decided to combine their strengths, open a yoga studio, and take over Newcastle’s health and wellness scene by helping other entrepreneurs and small businesses achieve maximum exposure and success with cool creative content, killer websites and marketing with heart.

Check out www.theempoweredentrepreneurs.com and www.twofeetyoga.com.au and follow them on Facebook and Instagram for all the goodness. If you’re interested in doing yoga with these cool kids, visit Two Feet Yoga at 224 Union St Merewether (above Fitness Junction). Both podcasts are also on iTunes.

 How did you guys end up expanding Two Feet Yoga into creative work as well?

 People kept asking us who did our website and for advice about social media marketing, so it was a natural progression! We sat on the idea for a few weeks, decided not to do it, then someone outright asked us for a quote, and we thought ‘Oh crap, the universe wants us to do this for reals’. And Two Feet Creative was born, which is now The Empowered Entrepreneurs. The process was pretty random and organic, which seems to be our norm! 

What do you do under the Empowered Entrepreneurs brand?

The main things we love are business coaching, websites and copywriting, so we decided that those should be our focus. The Empowered Entrepreneurs was born because of that, in a nutshell, is what we aim to do: empower entrepreneurs and small business owners to take action and turn their dreams into reality.

What’s been your most exciting achievement since you started both Two Feet Yoga and The Empowered Entrepreneurs?

Every time we meet with a new client (or have a follow-up) it’s an exciting achievement. We get so uplifted by helping people and supporting them. And every time we finish a new website we get a rush of satisfaction where we can sit back and say, ‘I made that’. It’s special.

One SUPER exciting achievement that we can name is being part of The Wellness Couch with our podcast The Empowered Entrepreneurs Show. It’s so awesome to be part of a team of people who are on a similar path and are doing things to help others too.

What fills your cup most about what you do? 

As far as The Empowered Entrepreneurs goes, we both LOVE being around people and working with them, either one-on-one or in small groups, and seeing those lightbulb moments where people realise something that’s been holding them back and how they are almost relieved that moving forward doesn’t have to be a huge, overwhelming task. We are so full of ideas, so it’s great being able to pass those onto people to help them create the life they want to live.

For Two Feet Yoga, when we see people in our classes start to let go and enjoy those little in-between moments within their yoga practice and realise they’ve found a space (and people) that will support them, it truly lifts us up and makes our hearts full.

Tell me about your dream for an ideal society/country/planet…

Ethical and organic everything as the norm. Monsanto doesn't exist. People are taking responsibility for their health, both mental and physical as well as our planet. Race/religion/sexuality is a non-issue. Love reigns supreme!

What does COOL mean to you?

Cindra: COOL to me means being real, authentic and brave, in whatever form that looks like... It's all about going against the grain, challenging societal ‘norms’, going after your dreams and desires… That's cool as shit.

Cat: I would probably characterise 'cool' as being authentic, caring and true to yourself, and not trying to be anything else.