CHUCK RULES: A Review, By Kian / by Kian West


Chuck Rules Hot dogs at The Cambridge Hotel! 

If you've not heard, there is a new dog in town at The Cambridge Hotel. Japanese fusion street food with a Chuck Norris flavour (not literally). It might sound a bit weird, but it totally works. 
Don't get too scared off by the "Japanese Fusion" thing, really it is all about Hot Dogs packed with flavour but with the care and precision that comes from the team that already bring you Nagisa Japanese. 
We tried a few of the dogs and the only complaint was "there is so much topping on here!" I'm not really sure if that's a complaint now is it? 



It is a little bizarre sitting inside, what feels like a nightclub eating hotdogs, but couple a dog with one of the many epic shows happening at The Cambridge Hotel these days and it is a perfect match. 
Personally, I'd love to see them add some simple chips to the menu, something to scoop all that extra topping with, especially if you are enjoying over a couple of beverages. 
Check out what's on at the Cambridge and couple it with a dog or two... 

Chuck Rules - Open 6pm - 11pm Thursday-Sunday inside The Cambridge Hotel