Lachlan X. Morris, his sophomore album 'Premeditation' & Campaigning for Vinyls by Hannah Stretton

When you think of your Dad, and go "ugh, so embarrassing - put those dance moves & oversized jeans away", I want you to instead think of what it is they are actually dancing to. It may in fact sound a little like Lachlan X. Morris, the self-proclaimed 'dad' of Newcastle's rock scene, who is back with the new single, 'Turpentine', off of his sophomore album Premeditations - which will be releasing soon. 

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Shop Local this Christmas - Top spots to visit by Kian West

You know we love Newcastle and absolutely adore working with locals to make the city better. 
That definitely includes shopping at local stores and assisting them to grow because that means we all grow. With that in mind, we put a call out last week asking for suggestions of places people should shop. We got a little inundated with suggestions. Here are as many of them as we could list.

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Just Another Tuesday 260814 #Blogtribe by Kian West

For those of you playing at home, I write the "Intro" section every month for Newcastle Mirage and have always tried to emulate the Editor sections of other magazines I really enjoy. An inspiring piece that also somehow connects with the articles inside. A sort of cohesive glue to the rest of the zine... Inside the August Intro I mentioned I'd write every week for the month and if people liked it I'd continue. Well, I failed.

I failed miserably and didn't write all month. In my defence, after I wrote that I realised I hadn't really planned any further than that. It seems simple enough at face value, write something every week. But What? And When? So it has taken me a month to work out the When part and oddly enough that seemed more important than the What because without consistency it really doesn't matter what it is about. So in light of all this, inspiration grabbed me this week. I have been following The Blog Society for a few months now and trying to get a feel for what other Bloggers are writing about. Most are women that I could find, a lot are themed around cooking, fashion, decorating or craft, entertaining children and similar. But that doesn't help me. We write a monthly Art & Culture Zine that is focused on the WHO of Newcastle...

But then, you suddenly think, maybe people want to hear what is going on behind the scenes? Every week we meet with people as the project of Mirage develops, contacts are formed and events are happening and so I am really asking...

Does this sound interesting?


  1. Like for instance, I met with Jon from the Hunter Business Chamber last week about becoming a member and also to start gaining some business insight, maybe a mentor, to help assist the growth of us as well as myself.... Would you like to hear about that?
  2. I also visited a Poetry Slam. I've never visited a Slam before and was completely blown away... What about that?
  3. At the same time I've had Ryan on the case to develop layers of our logo and cutting out a stencil for some limited Edition Tote Bags... Would you enjoy hearing/seeing this project?

So, I'm asking you to pick 1, 2 or 3 and I'll elaborate on this before the weekend... But in future I'm planning to write something for every Tuesday and if I don't get any feedback I'll just keep on writing random stories... it is much more fun together though.