Newcastle Fashion

6 Reasons Why It’s Hard to be a Man, by Andy Holmes by Newcastle Discovered

Any person who thinks the world needs meninism is wrong. However…I have compiled a list of six difficulties us poor blokes have to face in our perhaps not-so-privileged life, which I think have been unfairly overlooked in society for too long. So please, before your use this page to wipe up your spilt flat white, read on, and for once in your life take a walk in our crocs.

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Babes Take The Warehouse: Liz Pike by Kian West

This Sunday in The Cambridge Hotel - Babes Take The Warehouse - is a showcase of incredible female talent in Newcastle. With an abundance of creative females, we sat down with local artist Liz Pike for our September issue. Ahead of that though, here are a couple of things you might not know about her, to get you in the mood for Sunday. Plus, we hear she is going to have an amazing table setup with art and zines available to buy!

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Maddy from Zombie Junk, by Kian by Kian West

Zombie Junk are doing some amazing stuff locally with their screen-printed wears. We did a collab print with them late last year and we heard a rumour that Maddy is doing something super cool for people that have lost all their possessions in recent floods so we had a quick chat about it all...

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