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The Travelling Film Festival Is Coming to Newcastle by Brooke Tunbridge

The Travelling Film Festival (TFF), Australia's longest running travelling film festival is heading to Newcastle this month. The festival showcases Australian and international features, documentaries and short films.  The festival will be in Newcastle from the 22nd- 24th June 2018.

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A way to make a film about how we go by Kian West

Crossing from the world of research, policy and engineering to filmmaking, Jacqui Hicks, a Newcastle local, has set out to put a global and cultural twist on a local issue – urban transport.  In 2013 she travelled to ten cities across four continents to witness, discuss and film what goes on as people travel from A to B. Four years later, after learning a little bit about filming, interviewing, editing and getting much needed technical help, the film 'A way we go' will be screening in Newcastle in June.

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Why you should shoot your next video in Newcastle, by Tyzek by Newcastle Discovered

Worldwide artists usually only feature Australia in their music videos if they’re looking for some dry, desolate, desert scenery. But as all of us Australians, and especially us Novocastrians know; This is not a giant desert continent… Some of the time.

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Three female Novocastrian filmmakers and a local production by Kian West

Producer Catherine Williams, Writer/Director Heidi Lee Douglas and Director of Photography Meg White are collaborating to make their film ‘Devil Woman’.  An environmental horror film that will be filmed near Dungog throughout May.

Devil Woman is about the power of nature and human conflict over the environment, and its dramatic thriller format will entertain audiences worldwide” says Douglas.

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An interview with Tim Cantt, by Laura Kebby by Laura Kebby

I‘ve always been a fan of anything and everything creative, and will always have so much respect for anyone embarking on any such adventures. But… I’ll have to admit: I’ve always reserved a special little pocket of admiration (and jealousy) for those who can draw. Because, just like Wil Wagner, I cannot. So when I got the opportunity to interview local animator, filmmaker and all-round nice guy Tim Cantt, I was slightly relentless in my approach. But one wonderful Wednesday at the Grand Hotel, I sat with Tim to talk his award winning animation ‘Good Dog’.

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Newcastle, star of new crime-thriller film: Dark Waters by Kian West

We have a habit of spitting out our fair share of global musical, theatrical and general creative talent but who knew our city was a star in her own right? Some of us probably did and that's surely the reason Newcastle has provided the backdrop for the new Australian made film Dark Waters

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