Awesome Artists

An Interview with Benn Allsop, by Kian West by Kian West

I sat down with Benn one Friday afternoon for a cold beverage and a chat. It is always hard to tell if you will hit it off with someone you’ve either never met or only really spoken to over the internet or phone, but the conversation was flowing, probably a new record interview for me. You are going to want to check this talent out after reading this, I promise you.  

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Morgana Osaki, By Ryan Williams by Ryan Williams

Back in February, I saw Morgana play for the first time at the Cambridge for her part in the last Banshee Collective event (which was very good by the way). I hadn’t seen anything like it before. A two-piece harpist + Ableton touch pad​​​​​​​ and turntable setup mixing samples with live instruments. I was completely blown away. And not just because my girlfriend put on the gig (which was very good).

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Influence-her: Jessica Ross Photography By Kian West by Kian West

Catching up one morning at Whitebridge’s Pegs Café between juggling child drop-off and collection, I sat down for a coffee and a chat with Jessica Ross about her photography craft – and, as it turned out, a little bit about moving to Newcastle, discovering the city as a new resident and with a new family. Let’s make sure she feels welcome in our city.

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