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SNOW WHITE & THE 7 DWARVES SPECTACULAR MAY 3RD 2014 HUNTER THEATRE, CAMERON STREET BROADMEADOW. Chakras Performing Arts are putting on a special matinee performance of their Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs spectacular on Saturday 3rd May at 2.30pm at the Hunter School of Performing Arts Hunter Theatre, Cameron St Broadmeadow. The event will be a visual feast celebrating the multicultural diversity of dance and drama including Indigenous, Indian, African and classical ballet styles. All money raised from this event will be used to support the youth programs at The St Vincent de Paul Society, Maitland/Newcastle. Tickets are $30.00 and may be purchased by calling St Vincent de Paul Society on (02) 4967 6277 or emailing Book: 4967 6277 or email

THE COLOR RUN MAY 11 2014 NEWCASTLE JOCKEY CLUB, BROADMEADOW The Swisse Color Run is the Happiest 5k on the Planet! This fabulous five kilometre fun run with a colourful twist hits Newcastle this May. Participants of all ages and fitness levels start in white clothing and finish the course covered in colour. After completing the run, Color Runners enjoy the Finish Festival, a colour party of epic proportions, featuring DJs and massive colour throws! To register, go to Individual tickets: $60.50 per person Groups of 4+ people: $55.50 per person Each group team member must register individually to secure their spot before registrations fill up.   Kids 5yo and under free. Book – 1300 882 058

NEWCASTLEDISBOY & BEAR MAY 17 2014 NEWCASTLE PANTHERS Boy and Bear with special guests Auditorium 1, Saturday 17th May 2014. Doors Open 8.00pm, Show Time 8.30pm. Presale Cash $35 + booking fee, Door $40.00. All ages Standing only. “The past 12-months have taken home-grown band Boy & Bear on a whirlwind journey, which has allowed little time for rest. After spending eight months recording their sophomore album, Harlequin Dream, which was released in August and debuted at number one in the ARIA Albums Chart. Book – 49266200 or email

BETWEEN THE LINES MAY 23 2014 4 women, 4 stories, set in a local library where all is not black and white! Between the Lines is a 2-Act comedy/drama set to original live music. As each character reveals her story progressively, we read between the lines and look behind the mask to discover that there is always more to the story than first perceived. Book – 0421 072 444 or email

THREE VILLAGE ART FESTIVAL 24TH-25TH MAY 2014 VILLAGES OF PATERSON, VACY AND GRESFORD The 3-Village Art Festival is the first of its kind, a significant and unique four-day event celebration of the arts held amongst the three picturesque and historic villages of Paterson, Vacy and Gresford situated in the Paterson and Allyn River Valleys. Starting at Tocal Agriculture College, about 20 minutes from Maitland on the Dungog Road, festival goers will travel between the villages viewing a wide range of works from some of the regions talented artists and photographers while enjoying the magnificent countryside, with its diversity of small farms and villages. At each Village (about 6km apart) art, photography, sculpture, woodwork and numerous other examples of visual arts will be displayed. There will also be market stalls, vintage car and bike displays, as well as children's activities and entertainment to keep the whole family entertained. Visitors will also be able to enjoy side trips to an eclectic mix of rural highlights, from the picturesque Camyr Allan Winery, to Bunna Bunoo Olive Grove and Tar-10 foods & condiments. A variety of accommodation is also available for Festival goers, including the stunning Eagle Reach Eco-resort and the magnificent CBC Bed and Breakfast in King St, Patterson. A range of classic Aussie pubs in East Gresford, Vacy and Paterson offer traditional country pub surroundings as well as good food. The 3-Village Art Festival will truly ensure that there is indeed something for everyone! When: Saturday 24th- Sunday 25th May 2014 Where: The village of Paterson, Vacy and Gresford in the Paterson and Allyn River Valleys located in the beautiful Hunter Valley. Contact Graham Murphy 0416116009 or email


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Genesis Fitness Clubs all over Newcastle have just started an inspiring 12 week challenge to transform bodies and change habits to improve the health of our lives. I am one of these bodies who when writing this is feeling like a sucker. I have quartered my daily food intake and am doing triple the amount of exercise I normally would. What the hell is happening to me?

This morning I had oats with chopped up banana, honey, and low fat milk. Seriously, I just wanted to put it in a trough and shove my snout in and eat it all up (I am currently being fitted for horse shoes!). Lunch involves salad and a little bit of chicken (if I’m lucky!) and then dinner is a portion the size of the palm of my hand. Dear God, what crazy world am I living in?

I have found myself living in a crazy world of a healthy person. I know this sounds bizarre and very matter of fact, but it is true. I can feel my stomach slowly shrinking and being satisfied with the pitiful amount of food offered to it with every meal. Everytime I work out and I push myself as hard as I can, I can feel my body getting stronger, and all though I whinge (A LOT) about all of this and the above, I can feel that this is one of the best things I have ever done.

A lot of us are extremely unhappy with our bodies, actually it can probably be summed up to say that everyone at some stage is, or has been, unhappy with their body. It is ultimately up to us what we do. I am so grateful to the people that become trainers and are there to help people like us pick up the pieces and put our bodies back together again. I started out at 101.8 kgs and am already down to 98 (hopefully more by the time this goes to print!). If you are debating over your body and need some inspiration, come to boot camp with me! Saturday mornings at Nobbys Beach, 8am! It’s only $15 and I guarantee it will motivate you to change your life! Register your interest in Boot Camp at

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MOVIE × JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUITJack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is an action/espionage film starring studio favourite Chris Pine (Star Trek: Into Darkness) tasked with rebooting Paramount’s rights to the bestselling Tom Clancy novels after their previous films were met with reasonable financial success. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is very nearly average! Review by Mark Halyday MOVIE × FREE BIRDS This movie leaves me with a sense of complete and utter waste. Seriously. I had a hundred puns and jokes about how the film was a complete and utter turkey and, based on the critical reception of others (emphasis on critical), I was fully prepared to use them. Armed and ready for a movie for a movie I was prepared to hate, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself laughing out loud like a lunatic for the vast majority of the film. It wasn’t just the eggs that were cracking up. Review by Ross James GAME × BROKEN AGE Broken Age is the point-and-click adventure game developed by Double Fine on the back of their wildly successful Kickstarter campaign. The game has been in development for nearly two years, it ran into budget problems, and as a result Double Fine decided to split the game and deliver it as two acts. This is a very polished game that looks, sounds and probably tastes beautiful. The end product is kinda short, with puzzles that were a little too straight forward, but the story of this game had no trouble charming the pants off me. Review by Ryan Lawler GAME × HALO SPARTAN ASSAULT It is quite enjoyable for a short run through with some time to kill if you don’t feel like a few hours of gaming and just want your fix. There isn’t much to say about the gameplay besides that the difficulty can ramp up quite sharply and be unexpected, which can be a little jarring. The graphics are nice for what it is and the cutscenes are done in a storybook, cinematic way that compliments the game overall. Review by Chunt SINGLE × INTO THE BLUE / KYLIE MINOGUE Ah Kylie, one of our best and brightest is BACK! With a new label (Jay Z’s Roc Nation) with a dance infused pop track that will be sure to flood commercial radio. The song is catchy and should ensure another hit for our Kylie. Definitely a summer tune! Review by Alaisdair Dewar inb9s7SINGLE × CAN’T REMEMBER TO FORGET YOU / SHAKIRA FT. RIHANNA This should have been renamed to “I Can’t Wait To Forget You”. Two pop-stars desperate for some light back in the lime have joined forces to help fans try and remember who the hell they are, unfortunately this boring and formulaic pop song is forgettable, which means it is destined to be a number 1 hit! Review by Alaisdair Dewar

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So Al, tell us how Novastream came to be? What’s it all about? Novastream started as my personal music blog back in 2009 when I was reading other music blogs and tired of the opinionated crap churning out online. I wanted to make a site that promoted music and great songs that people who only listen to the radio may not find out about. After I got a good following I turned it into a full blown website and then moved into movies, games and tv (and comics VERY SOON!) It is all about providing a uniquely Australian view on entertainment, we are not big on professional opinions and dissecting everything with academic references, we are purely about as an everyday person would you like this? Yes or no?

And where did Newcastle Discovered come from? Newcastle Discovered came from a similar place from Novastream, there was a Facebook page called Newcastle Name & Shame and all these posts just bagging out business, council and charities were just flooding this thing and it made me sick. It used to get me so angry so I wanted to do the opposite, create a page that talks about the good things that Newcastle has to offer and does. What do you do when you aren’t busy with Novastream and Newcastle Discovered? I work a full time job (I know sometimes I surprise myself at how little time I have) and any down time see’s me at the movies, beach or café with friends.

You have been kicking some pretty serious personal goals in the last 12 months, care to tell everyone about all that?    Ha ha oh sure thing! I completed my second year in HSM, Hello Sunday Morning is a group started by this legendary guy, Chris Raine, in which you don’t drink to the point of drunk for a year and basically watch what changes in your life. Waking up every Sunday morning with a clear and fresh head has been one of the best things I have done.ISSUE_9_Cov1

Aspirations? What is next? What is next…hmm I can’t give away too much but I can say that a possible actual physical business residence is in the talks, combining a café with music and movies. It’s all just talk at the moment so will see what comes of it. We are hoping to launch a full website for Newcastle Discovered at some stage this year and also NovastreamComics will launch at the end of this year, so it ensures a lot of sleepless nights to come! If you liked this interview, please take a moment to check out :

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Opening a cafe in the Newcastle CBD precinct seems to be the thing to do these days, and with so many popping up all over the city, we really are getting a little spoiled for choice with places to eat. I was on my regular food run when I stumbled across Soul Foods, the new residents of the old KFC building. My first concern was could they get the stench of over cooked chicken out of that building (you will be happy to know they have completely!)

The interior is beautifully decorated with comfortable art deco chairs, a tea bar and fully stocked deli with freshly made sandwiches, salads, muffins, and many tasty morsels that you will not be able to resist before you leave.

Arriving in the morning, breakfast was on the cards. Rye toast with avocado, lime, and cracked pepper, topped with roasted cherry tomatoes, fetta and chorizo -all perfectly portioned.

After inhaling a Piccolo Latte served in an antique shot glass, my eyes turned to the house-made sipper. Lemon and Ginger blended together in a hot tea mix that is by far the best thing I have ever tasted in Newcastle.

The staff are efficient and friendly, without being over-bearing. They clearly have a passion for fresh and beautiful food which they deliver effortlessly. In addition to this Soul Foods are participating in Dine Smart, an initiative that donates 100% of profits to homeless in the Newcastle area.

Soul Foods are encouraging a donation of $2 per table (more if you want to) and it’s a great incentive to be a part of it.

Overall this experience is one of the finest we have had in Newcastle and will definitely become a regular spot for fine food that feels guilt free.

Soul Foods in located in the old KFC building, 227 Hunter Street, Newcastle.

This article is brought to you by Newcastle Discovered, a group of passionate Novocastrians constantly on the hunt for Fresh amazing talents in our city.


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Living in Newcastle and being a young (ish) gay man feels at times a little hard up for entertainment and a safe place to meet people. While the Gateway has stood tall for many years as the only LGBT venue in town, only having one option is well, not really an option at all. Another highlight is Picnic In The Park, run by Rainbow Visions, who run the annual LGBT festival that is one of the greatest cultural events our city has to offer.914058_678923128799051_1097851271_o Then in 2012 a second LGBT venue opened, “Unity”, at the Sydney Junction Hotel. It was not just a venue; it was a club and event venue that attracted some amazing national and international talent to our town.

So when I read this year that the picnic in the park was cancelled due to lack of support, and Unity closed due to new management at SJ's, I was honestly really ticked off. It felt like the gay community in Newcastle was just starting to go somewhere and then it all just disappeared. The Rainbow Visions Festival is partially funded by the government but relies a lot on membership and fundraising events to put on more, and sadly it did not raise enough money this year to cover the cost of the picnic.

The Sydney Junction Hotel forced Metro Entertainment's Unity club with the owner Kate Beauchamp stating that she wished for the hotel to go in a “different direction” (oddly enough the hotel is now painted hot pink - looking gayer than it ever did?). I spoke with Aaron Little from Metro Entertainment, who is hard at work finding a new home for Unity in Newcastle. “We are very busy working on getting UNITY Nightclub relaunched at a new venue in Newcastle. Currently we have had many offers, but are looking for the right place to move our safe venue.”

So what can we do? Get out there and support local LGBT events! If we want our community to grow and make a mark in Newcastle, supporting the venues and people that put on these events is essential. We will be posting what is happening on our Facebook page so please get behind our community and show your pink support!




UNITY FINDS A NEW HOME Newcastle’s UNITY Nightclub has found a new home in Newcastle after being approached by the owners of one of Newcastle's most iconic nightlife hotspots

UNITY's new home is at Newcastle’s Crown & Anchor Hotel. The Crown & Anchor Hotel owners approached Metro Entertainment directors Aaron Little & Ashley Doran after hearing about the clubs sudden ejection from the Sydney Junction Hotel at the hands of the Hamilton hotel’s new licensee.

The Crown & Anchor has dedicated its 2nd floor club level, formerly the iconic “Frostbites”, to UNITY after hearing about the plight of the club. The owners of the Crown and Anchor have copped their fair share of media attention recently when they met heavy opposition from residents to turn the hotel into a gentleman’s club however have decided to work with UNITY, a nightclub brand which had statistically the lowest recorded incidents of alcohol-related violence in the Newcastle area in the last 12 months.

“We received so many calls from licensees, club promoters and venue owners in the Newcastle area and beyond, wanting to take UNITY after the Newcastle Herald published their story on UNITY”, said director Aaron Little.

“The boys at the Crown and Anchor are young, full of ideas and wanted to help the LGBT community of Newcastle plus it’s a great venue” explained Little regarding the reason that the Crown & Anchor was their final choice. “It’s centrally located, close to public transport, there’s a taxi rank directly outside and with our clubs record of outstanding patron behaviour we think it’s going to be an asset to that area of town and really help to rejuvenate nightlife in a positive direction.”

“People are under the perception that UNITY is a “gay” bar… but it’s not. Yes, we provide a safe space for the gay, lesbian and transgender community of Newcastle but we also have a zero-tolerance policy on discrimination of any sort (race, gender or sexuality) and a zero-tolerance policy on violence or bullying of any type. Everyone is welcome at UNITY as long as you are there to have a good time and you believe, accept, respect and promote that everyone is different.”

At this point UNITY promoters have advised that the club will be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday and will play host to many of Australia’s best DJ’s, performing artists and drag queens. Whilst Friday and Saturday nights have always been extremely busy for the nightclub brand the promoters hope to bring back “Sunday sessions” to the inner city where patrons can enjoy laidback house music with a cocktail or 2 on one of the two balconies overlooking the mall and the harbour during summer.

UNITY will open on Friday 8 November with Diva award winning DJ (2006-2013) KITTY GLITTER plus a huge show lineup and some very special international guests on the Saturday 9 November

The Crown & Anchor Hotel is located at 189 Hunter Street Newcastle. For more information on UNITY go to their website