Benjamin Carey, by Kian / by Kian West

One of the best parts about being at the helm of Mirage is how many amazing artists come across our desk. I had a random email from a local guy, Benjamin Carey, a couple of weeks ago and after a few digital exchanges we caught up on the phone for a chat about where he is at now and a really exciting exhibition he has coming up. 

photo by: Katrina Stamatopolous 

photo by: Katrina Stamatopolous 


We had a pretty exciting conversation about his recent time in Berlin, why he moved there, how it has transformed his life and the changed perspective on Newcastle. “There is a lot of construction going on, because you come back after being in really well populated cities that have a lot going on, it is nice coming back and seeing. The beauty of the place is that it is really well under-developed.”

When you read the details on the event poster it leaves you curious… What’s the plan? 

"It is two things, it’s an exhibition, but I also want to have a good little house party afterwards. Not attract too much attention, but it is all going to be inside. I’ve notified the neighbours.”

Honestly, when I was organising the interview I had planned to do the standard Mirage article template and transcribe the interview and top/tail it with a quick blurb, but I really love the recording for that beautiful phone call recording style. So I’m putting it up on our Podcast now and you can listen to it. [it is there now on all podcast networks search "Newcastle Mirage"]

flyer is designed by Agata Sasiuk, from Poland

flyer is designed by Agata Sasiuk, from Poland

Who should come? 

"Good question. People that want to buy something and meet the artist. They won’t be expensive. People who really need to dance. People who need to shake their bodies. People who aren’t scared, yeah, people who aren’t scared to sweat. People who want to see something new”

So now we have your intrigue, you will have to hunt him down and get the address for the show...

Find him on Instagram @forestkvicz and head to the show!